Your input is sought on potential solutions for I-270

News Release

COMMERCE CITY — The Colorado Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, in partnership with Commerce City and Adams County, have developed potential solutions to move people and freight safely and reliably through the Interstate 270 corridor, and they now want the public’s feedback.  

An online virtual event scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 2, through Sunday, Dec. 27, will include information on possible ways to modernize I-270 and better accommodate growing transportation demands on the highway corridor that connects interstates 70 and 25. 

Virtual event photo

During a virtual event this past summer, 474 people participated and provided more than 120 comments about I-270 – many related to travel reliability and delays. This community feedback was used to develop the potential solutions now being presented. 

While this virtual room is open, you can watch short presentations about the project, learn more about how public comments are reflected in the potential solutions, and submit comments on the information being presented. Information will be available in English and Spanish. 

This online engagement is part of an Environmental Assessment being prepared to evaluate transportation improvements to I-270 in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. The purpose of the I-270 Corridor Improvements project is to modernize the corridor to accommodate transportation demands. This highway was constructed 50 years ago and since that time, traffic volumes have surpassed capacity and pavement conditions and structures have aged and are in need of major improvements. This inner beltway for the Denver region has grown into a corridor of commerce, attracting companies in the energy, advanced manufacturing, and logistics sectors. The highway also provides a vital connection to the Denver International Airport and connects Denver to the education and research facilities along the US 36 corridor.     

For more information and how you can share input: 

  • Go to the I-270 virtual public event room (link)
  • Reach the project team at [email protected] or 303-512-4270 
  • You can also visit the I-270 website for additional information and share input through a comment form or interactive map.