I-70B 1st and Grand Ave intersection project complete

News Release

June 7, 2022 - Northwestern Colorado - CDOT and partner agencies gather to celebrate project improvements to benefit Grand Junction and Colorado’s Western Slope

I-70B 1st and Grand Ave intersection project complete

Grand Junction - Representatives from the Colorado Department of Transportation and partner agencies gathered Thursday, June 2 to celebrate the completion of the I-70B 1st and Grand Ave improvement project. Agency and contractor representatives made spoken remarks and photos of the event are available here.

“This completed project puts us closer to the final stretch of a multi-year effort to carry out improvements identified for the vital Interstate 70 Business corridor,” said CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew. “CDOT was fortunate to be able to put $5.6 million federal COVID-19 relief and stimulus funding towards the I-70B improvements at the 1st and Grand Ave. intersection in Grand Junction. Having new stimulus funding available for this project made it possible for CDOT to put other funding towards planned improvements in Northwest Colorado along US 6 in the Grand Junction area.” Much of those improvements are underway now during the 2022 construction season.

In addition to marking a significant step in I-70B improvements, the project is part of CDOT’s 10-year plan to improve critical roadways and infrastructure statewide.

John Cater, Colorado Division Administrator for the Federal Highway Administration, highlighted the safety benefits of the project, noting the project reconfigured the intersection into a traditional four-way intersection along with making capacity, safety, access and pedestrian improvements.

“I normally avoid construction,” said Dana Brosig, Director of the Grand Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization, noting that she regularly traveled through the project limits to see how work was progressing. Brosig noted that traffic moved smoothly throughout the project, including during the temporary roundabout in place last year to allow traffic to easily travel through construction project work zone. 

Grand Junction Public Works Director Trent Prall highlighted the project has created a better and safer experience for cars, pedestrians and cyclists. “The City of Grand Junction is really appreciative of CDOT and the City’s collaborative approach in the project even from its inception in 2007-2008 with the original Environmental Assessment,” said Prall. “I want to also thank the businesses that endured the ever changing access points and ongoing construction.” Prall looks forward to continuing the partnership and working together on completion of the rest of the I-70B corridor, mobility hub and other regional projects such as a new interchange on I-70.

CDOT leadership recognized the following City of Grand Junction employees closely involved with this project:

  • Randy Coleman and Rob Davis, Grand Junction Parks Department
  • Eric Mocko, Greg Scott, and Chris Spears, Grand Junction Public Works Department
  • Bill Etcheverry, Ron Key and staff with the, Grand Junction Utilities Department
  • The Urban Trails Committee, which assisted with layout of the bike/pedestrian infrastructure

CDOT team members on the project were Resident Engineer Kaitlyn Clark, Project Engineer Damian Leyba, Design Project Manager Matt Casey, as well as Nathan Jean, Rob Beck and Jason C. Smith.

Also in attendance at the I-70B 1st and Grand Ave celebration on June 2 were representatives from the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association. Executive Director Angela Folkestad noted the significant benefits of reconstructing the intersection in concrete. Approximately 36,000 square yards of concrete paving was installed on the project.