Policy Guiding Statewide Plan Goals & Objectives

Policy Directive 14 & CDOT's Long Range Priorities

The CDOT policy guiding the Statewide Plan's goals and objectives, known as Policy Directive 14, provides performance goals and objectives for development and implementation of a multimodal, comprehensive Statewide Transportation Plan. With limited funding available, CDOT has developed a vision for the Statewide Transportation Plan to guide investment for Colorado’s multimodal transportation system and that balances:

  • Safety
  • Asset Management
  • Mobility

Policy Directive 14 performance objectives and targets will help implement the Statewide Transportation Plan by focusing transportation investments in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and the annual budget toward achieving the objectives in this policy directive.

The intent of  Policy Directive 14 is to improve the economic vitality of Colorado and the quality of life for all its citizens.

The Transportation Commission will revise this policy directive, as needed, to update performance objectives or targets or incorporate additional goal areas. Use the links below to explore CDOT's long range Statewide Transportation Plan, the short range STIP, and progress CDOT is making on its long-term objectives.

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