HB 06-1257 Information

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recognizes that “retrofitting” noise barriers on existing state highways (Type II Noise Program under 23 CFR Part 772) can be a desire of local residents and local officials. It is policy of the Department that funding Type II noise barriers utilizing existing CDOT revenue is unworkable considering the existing funding shortfall to cover the critical needs of Colorado’s State Highways.  CDOT recognizes that certain neighborhoods have undesirable highway noise levels, and if not for the CDOT’s lack of available funding, noise mitigation efforts would be appropriate and within existing guidelines for noise abatement.  Therefore, HB 06-1257 was enacted in order to help Colorado citizens fund noise mitigation projects.

CDOT does not control this funding, however, and essentially serves as vetting agent for applications under this law. Applicants will provide the necessary materials to CDOT in order to be ranked by a number of criteria to find the highest and best use of the funds available.  A summary of the grants that could be awarded for funding noise barriers can be found here: Summary of DOLA and CDPHE grants

CDOT has established rules for the implementation of HB 06-1257, which can be found in Section 6.3 of the 2015 CDOT Noise Guidance

One part of the criteria to be considered is if your location is included on CDOT’s Type II Barrier list which can be found here: CDOT's Type II barrier list

If you are interested in knowing more about this program, please review the rules first, then contact CDOT’s Noise Program staff.