Construction Sites Program

About the MS4 Program

The MS4 permit requires CDOT to implement a program to reduce or prevent the discharge of pollutants to the MS4 from covered construction activities. To prevent pollution and degradation of State Waters, CDOT requires the installation of temporary control measures at CDOT’s construction sites. These control measures must be selected, designed, installed, implemented, and maintained to provide control for all potential pollutant sources, especially sediment. Additionally, CDOT must require Stormwater Management Plans (SWMPs), provide inspections of its construction sites, and have enforcement procedures to enforce the requirements of the permit. CDOT meets our MS4 permit requirements through a variety of program documents, forms, trainings, templates, guidance documents, and enforcement mechanisms.


CDOT Program Documents

CDOT Inspection Forms 

CDOT Trainings, Templates, & Guidance Documents

CDOT Enforcement Mechanisms

CDOT’s primary enforcement mechanisms are our contracts, Water Quality Specifications, and M-Standards. If you are currently under a contract with CDOT, you should use the version of Specifications that was included in your contract. The most current versions of CDOT’s Water Quality Specifications, Subsection 107.25 – Water Quality Control and Section 208 – Erosion Control can be found on the Design and Construction Project Support web page

Click here for the current version of CDOT's M-208-1 and M-216-1 Standard Plans.