Construction Sites Program

The MS4 permit requires CDOT to implement a program to reduce or prevent the discharge of pollutants to the MS4 from covered construction activities. The requirements include assuring adequate design, implementation, and maintenance of Control Measures at CDOTs construction sites. CDOT assures the adequate design, implementation, and maintenance of temporary control measures at its construction sites.Fencing


CDOT Inspection Forms:   
CDOT 1388 - Daily Stormwater Log
CDOT 1176 - Stormwater Field Inspection Report - Active Construction
CDOT 1177 - Stormwater Field Inspection Report - Post Construction

CDOT must require control measures be selected, designed, installed and implemented, and maintained to provide control for all potential pollutant sources associated with the covered construction site to prevent pollution or degradation of state waters. Additionally CDOT must require Stormwater Management Plans (SWMPs), provide inspections of its construction sites, and have enforcement procedures to enforce the requirements of the permit.

Please download the complete Revision of Section 107 – Water Quality Control and Revision of Section 208 – Erosion Control for reference during your construction projects. These standard special provisions can be found on the Design and Construction Project Support web page

When finalized, the new M-208-1 standard plans can be found at:

The revised SWMP template for projects with one or more acres of disturbance can be found at:

Program Manager: The nature of the Construction Program is varied. Therefore, CDOT has managers for specific elements plus region mentors.

ESCAN Manager: Laura Newman

TECS Training: Val Stanson

SWMP & BMP Training: TBD

Specifications: TBD

Construction Site Implementation: Region Water Pollution Control Mangers or Landscape Architect/Specialist

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