Utility Accounts Database


The need for a centralized Utility Accounts Database was a finding from the 2019 Utility Audit and a requirement of PD 90.1. A temporary solution was created using a Google Sheet to track all CDOT utility accounts. The Utility Accounts Office recently migrated the data from the Google Sheet over to an established Esri database.

Utility Accounts Database (GeoHub access required)

To access the Utility Accounts Database, a state email is needed. For directions on how to view the Utility Accounts Database, please refer to the internal Utility Accounts Database Page (VPN access required). 

Utility Accounts Database Updates

To ensure there is a verification of good data being uploaded to the Utility Accounts Database, edit access to the database is limited to only the Utility Accounts Office. To request adding a new utility account or updating or removing an existing utility account, please complete the following google form: 

CDOT Utility Accounts Database Update Request

Database Resources

Directions and other resources are available on the internal ITS Webpage (CDOT VPN access required) under the Utility Accounts Office section. Should a non CDOT employee need access to the resources or the database, please email [email protected] to request access. An explanation of why access is needed will need to be included in the email.