Utility Account Matrix

What is the Purpose of the Utility Account Matrix?

The Utility Account Matrix is required on all projects with utilities per Procedural Directive (PD) 90.1. It allows projects to accurately track their utilities as they progress through both design and construction. To follow the standard project delivery process, the Utility Matrix also has two phases: 1. Design and 2. Construction. 

This phase is to document all of the existing utility account information (no matter if they will be removed or left in place), where anticipated new services will be needed, and document all temporary utilities needed during construction.  Temporary services must be documented during the design phase with the anticipated end date. A key finding from the Utility Audit of 2019 was that temporary services were frequently not closed and services continued to be paid, despite the utility being removed. 

For all new services, the responsible asset owner, who will be fiscally responsible for paying the utility bill, must approve the utility service during design. If no party is willing to take on fiscal responsibility for paying the utility bill throughout the life of the asset, then the utility and the asset the utility service is feeding will not be installed. 

The Design Project Manager is responsible for working with the design contractor, the Regional Utility Account Coordinator, and the Regional Business office to ensure a complete and accurate project matrix. At the conclusion of design, the Design PM will hand off the matrix to the Construction PM.

The majority of the Utility Account Matrix should be completed during the design phase. The construction phase should primarily be making updates. A large focus of this phase is documenting the new or relocated utility service account information. It is also to provide documentation that all temporary services were ended and accounts were closed out with the utility provider. Once the project is accepted, the Construction PM should work with the applicable Regional Utility Account Coordinator to track and transfer all of the utilities to the correct responsible asset owner using the Utility Account Matrix. Utilities are typically opened in the Contractor's name during construction and only transferred to CDOT upon acceptance of the project. 

How do Project Managers (PM's) Identify the Need for the Utility Account Matrix?

Since the Utility Account Matrix is not in PMWeb at this time, the Utility Account Office will be leveraging the Technology/Systems Engineering Analysis(SEA) Assessment Form, which is part of the SEA process. The Technology/SEA Assessment Form will assist PM's in identifying if a Utility Account Matrix will be needed. If it is not needed, the Technology/SEA Assessment Form will document that it is not needed to prevent any confusion later in design, construction, or project close out. 

Where is the Utility Account Matrix? 

The Utility Account Matrix can be downloaded from the link below. 

Utility Account Matrix (Excel)

When is the Utility Account Matrix Submitted? 

The Utility Account Matrix has several submissions. Each submission must be emailed to the applicable Regional Utility Account Coordinator(s) and [email protected].  


Done by the Design PM. 

The Utility Account Matrix must be submitted and approved prior to AD. Make sure to allow enough time for back and forth should there be any errors. The Regional Utility Account Coordinators need at least two weeks to review submitted Utility Account Matrixes. 

Construction - Prior to Transfer of Accounts from Contractor to CDOT

Done by the Construction PM.

The Utility Account Matrix must be submitted prior to the transfer of the Utility Accounts from the Contractor to CDOT. If transfers are done before submitting the matrix, the Business Office will receive the utility bill and have no mechanism to look up the bill. This may result in utility bills not being paid as CDOT needs to validate utilities prior to payment. 

Construction - Post Transfer of Accounts from Contractor to CDOT

Done by the applicable Regional Utility Account Coordinators and submission is sharing the updated Utility Account Matrix with the Construction PM. 

This submission is only the Utility Account Coordinators verifying and documenting in the Utility Account Matrix that CDOT has successfully received the first bill for all new and relocated utilities. 

The Utility Account Coordinator also must confirm no billing was received on terminated services. 

Both new, relocated, and terminated services take at least a month to be reflected in the billing and for the Regional Utility Account Coordinator to confirm there are no taxes or any other additional fees to the utility bill. 

Who Are the Stakeholders and What are Their Roles and Responsibilities?

Although it is mainly the project managers (PM) completing the Utility Account Matrix, there are several groups that support the PM. Exact roles and responsibilities are documented in PD 90.1 The below is a summary, but PD 90.1 takes precedence over this website should any content conflict. 

High Level flow chart process of the Utility Account Matrix. Flow chart is also in written format below.

The above figure is a flow diagram of the process to prepare the Utility Account Matrix and the roles and responsibilities. The below is a written summary of the graphic. The below sections are broken out to match the swim lanes of the flow diagram. 

The Design PM is responsible for the design phase of the Utility Account Matrix. As they need help pulling existing data, they will coordinate with the applicable Region or HQ Utility Account Coordinator(s) and the applicable Regional Utility Engineer(s). The Design PM will document all existing, proposed, temporary, and anticipated to be relocated utility services within the project limits. Upon completion and approval of the Design Phase Utility Account Matrix, the Design PM will share it will the Construction PM. 
The Construction PM is responsible for the construction phase of the Utility Account Matrix. The Construction PM may delegate this responsibility to another member of the project team or the contractor.  They will make all necessary updates to the Utility Account Matrix during the construction phase. The intent is for the Construction PM to use the Utility Account Matrix to track the utilities throughout construction. They are responsible for confirming all temporary utilities services are ended. 
Each region has a Regional Utility Account Coordinator. They can help projects with investigating utility data, including investigating flat rates, in order to complete the Design Phase of the Utility Account Matrix. The Regional Utility Account Coordinator is responsible for keeping the utility data for their region accurate. This includes verifying all data submitted in the Construction Phase of the Utility Account Matrix is accurate. They will conduct the transfer of the utility services to the proper responsible asset owner as well once the project is accepted. After each utility service is transferred the Regional Utility Account Coordinator will notify the Utility Account Office of the change in order for the Utility Account Office to update the Utility Database. 

Each Regional Business Office can only pay a utility bill if it is tracked in the Utility Database. Should the Business Office receive a bill for a utility service not tracked in the Utility Account Database, then the Regional Utility Account Coordinator will investigate the source of the utility bill. 
The Utility Account Matrix is intended to help the Regional Utility Engineers understand what new services are needed. The Regional Utility Engineer will provide all new account information on the services they assist the PM with creating. The Construction PM is ultimately responsible for taking the new account information and populating the Utility Account Matrix though.
This team has all of the responsibilities of the Regional Utility Account Coordinators in terms of serving the HQ Asset Owners. The Utility Account Office also maintains the Utility Database and validates all data input into the Utility Database prior to publishing the utility information submitted by the Region Utility Account Coordinators.
The final engineer confirms with the Utility Account Office that the Project Utility Account Matrix has been successfully populated into the Utility Database. 
The Business Offices are responsible for processing and paying utility bills. They should use the Utility Database to confirm bills are accurate. Should a utility bill not match a utility in the Utility Database, then the Business Office must reach out to the applicable Regional Utility Account Coordinator to investigate and obtain confirmation for payment prior to the utility being paid.  
The SEA Lead will review the Technology/SEA Assessment form for documentation on if PD 90.1 is applicable for the project. If it is, they will bring in the  HQ Utility Account Coordinator.