TSM&O Evaluation

The purpose of the TSM&O Evaluation is ensure a consistent and inter-disciplinary approach between Maintenance, Access, Regions, Operations, Safety, ITS, and the FHWA to identify operational elements are conscientiously considered early in the project lifecycle.  This will help provide the ability to implement new or additional operational measures.  It provides the ability for increased cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing between involved parties. Additionally, it creates enhanced opportunities to provide safety improvements, accountability to stakeholders, increased ability to document and reference lessons learned, and streamline business processes while providing increased system reliability.

Beginning January 1, 2016 all projects with a Design Scoping Review on or after February 1, 2016 will require a Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) Evaluation.  The TSM&O Evaluation consists of three parts: a safety assessment, an operations assessment, and an ITS assessment.  The TSM&O Evaluation will analyze the project area and make recommendations to the project team for improvements related to safety and mobility to the project.

The reason for including these assessments as part of the project design phase is because CDOT wants to ensure that we provide the best products and service possible for the traveling public. Additionally, as stewards of the taxpayer’s money we must spend funds in the most effective and efficient way possible. In the past, there have been many instances when CDOT completed improvements to the roadway (i.e. paving, striping, widening etc.) and then in a brief period of time, went back to the same location to make additional improvements. This is a wasteful practice and ends up costing the taxpayer additional monies and time spent traveling through construction zones. By considering safety, operations and ITS elements early and throughout the design process, CDOT will optimize its limited resources to make the right decisions for transportation improvements and build public trust by delivering the best projects possible.

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