2014 Research Reports

CDOT Research Reports, 2014
File PDF document Design of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Connections and End of Walls Subjected to Seismic Loads
Research Report 2014-1, Authors; Panos Kiousis, Judith Wang, Rebecca Walthall, Keywords: Retaining Walls, Earthquakes
File PDF document Performance of Thin Bonded Epoxy Overlays on Asphalt and Concrete Bridge Deck Surfaces
Research Report 2014-2, Authors: Logan Michael Young, Stephan Durham, Rui Liu, Keywords: Bridge Decks, Thin Bonded Overlays
File PDF document Internal Curing of High Performance Concrete Using Lightweight Aggregates and Other Techniques
Research Report 2014-3, Authors: Wesley Jones, Mitch House, Jason Weiss, Keywords: Concrete Curing, High-Performance Concrete
File PDF document Development of Risk-Based Decision Methodology for Facility Design
Research Report 2014-4, Authors: Ross Corotis, Abbie Liel, Yolanda Lin, Abhishek Paul, Keywords: Risk Analysis, Planning
File PDF document CDOT Thermal Mapping Report
Research Report 2014-5, Authors: Colin Walsh, Keywords: Thermal Mapping
File PDF document Evaluation of Bridge Deck Sealers
Research Report 2014-6, Authors: Yu-chang Liang, Benjamin Gallaher, Yunping Xi, Keywords: Bridge Decks
File PDF document Full Closure Strategic Analysis
Research Report 2014-7, Authors: Lyle DeVries, Steven Hersey, Alazar Tesfaye, David Reeves, Keywords: Lane Closures
File PDF document Accelerated Bridge Construction Utilizing Precast Pier Caps on State Highway 69 over Turkey Creek, Huerfano County, CO
Research Report 2014-8, Authors: Richard Osmun, Hoang Bui, Skip Outcalt, Keywords: Bridges
File PDF document CDOT Rapid Debris Removal Research Report
Research Report 2014-9, Authors: Kelly Strong, Rodolfo Valdes Vasques, Keywords: Debris Removal
File Years to First Rehabilitation of Superpave Hot Mix Asphalt
Research Report 2014-10, Authors: Melody Perkins, Jay Goldbaum, Keywords: Asphalt Pavement, Pavement Management
File application/x-troff-ms Benefit-Cost Analysis of CDOT Fixed Automated Spray Technology (FAST) Systems
Research Report 2014-11, Authors: Anburaj Muthumani, David Veneziano, Jiang Huang and Xianming Shi, Keywords: Fixed Anti-Icing, Deicing, Cost-benefit Analysis, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Worker Safety, Traffic Safety
File Use of Waste Tires (Crumb Rubber) on Colorado Highways
Research Report 2014-12, Author: Scott Shuler, Keywords: Asphalt Pavement, Recycling, Rubberized Asphalt, Crumb Rubber, Ground Recycled Tire Rubber
File Hot Mix Asphalt Crack Sealing and Filling Best Practices Guidelines
Research Report 2014-13, Authors: Carrie Truschke, David Peshkin, Kelly L. Smith, and Kurt D. Smith, Keywords: Asphalt Pavement, Hot-Mix Asphalt, Crack Filling, Pavement Preservation, Pavement Maintenance, Crack Sealants, Crack Treatment
Wildlife Connectivity and Associated Wildlife Crossings for US Highway 160
CDOT Region 5's 2014 report analyzing wildlife mitigation, including retrofit opportunities, along a 147‐mile portion of the US 160 corridor in SW CO from Cortez, through Durango, and east to South Fork. Includes a review of existing highway structures, stakeholder meetings, and recommendations. Author: William C. Ruediger. Keywords: wildlife crossings
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