2015 Research Reports

CDOT Research Reports, 2015
Life Cycle Cost Analysis Rehabilitation Costs

Research Report 2015-03, Author: Melody A. Perkins, CDOT Pavement Design. Keywords: Cost Estimation, LCCA, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Concrete Pavement, Pavement Management, Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement, rehabilitation costs, heater remixing, heater scarifying, cold in-place recycling, full-depth reclamation, HMA overlay, HMA mill-and-fill

Potential Impacts of Solar Arrays on Highway Environment, Safety and Operations

Research Report 2015-08, Authors: Ananda Paudel, Arthur Hirsch. Keywords: Alternative Energy, Worker Safety, Traffic Safety, Rest Areas, Public-Private Initiatives, Solar array, right of way, energy provider, Environmental Assessments, safety, operation and maintenance, risk impacts, glare, snow drifting, decision making tools, NEPA

Oil and Gas Impacts on Transportation

Research Report 2015-09, Authors: Felsburg Holt & Ullevig and BBC Research & Consulting, Keywords: Bridges, Oil and gas, energy impacts, hydraulic fracturing, fracking, road deterioration, bridge deterioration, energy development, drivability life.