2016 Research Reports

CDOT Research Reports, 2016
Snow Route Optimization

Research Report 2016-01, Authors: Matt Harley, Keywords: Preventive Maintenance, Weather Conditions, patrols, level of service, snow clearing, magnesium chloride, region 4, CDOT, Maintenance and Operations

Winter Maintenance Performance Measure

Research Report 2016-02, Authors: Colin Walsh, Keywords: Worker Safety, Performance Measures, Weather Conditions, winter performance, mobility, storm severity, snow, region 4, CDOT, Maintenance and Operations

Detention Basin Alternative Outlet Design Study

Research Report 2016-04, Author: Ken A. MacKenzie. Keywords: Stormwater, Detention Basins, Extended Detention Basins, Stormwater Quality Best Management Practices, BMPs, Stormwater Control Measures, Outlet Structure Design, MS4 Compliance