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ARIB Newsletter 01 2015-Dec

Applied Research and Innovations Branch Newsletter Issue 01, December 2015. Message from Branch Manager; Meet our staff; ARIB staff have had a productive year; Featured project: Wildlife Escape Ramps; CDOT Research Project Work Cycle.

ARIB Newsletter 02 2016-Mar

Applied Research and Innovations Branch Newsletter Issue 02, March 2016. Annual RIC Meeting; Staffing Update; News Corner: research completed in 2015; Research Highlights: Denver Major Arterial Corridors Safety Study, BMPs for Full-Depth Reclamation Using Asphalt Emulsions, Effectiveness of Two Reflection Crack Attenuation Techniques; Featured Project: Paleoflood Investigations in Eastern Colorado; Research Funding Sources.

ARIB Newsletter 03 2018-Sep

Applied Research and Innovations Branch Newsletter Issue 03, September 2018. Message from Branch Manager; Have a research idea?; 2018 Completed Projects; FY19 New Studies; Featured projects: Best Practices to Support and Improve Pavement Management Systems for Low-Volume Paved Roads: Phases I and II, Development of Cost-Effective Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) For Colorado’s Sustainable Infrastructure, Evaluation of Tack Coat Bond Strength Tests, Dynamic Modulus of Cold-in-Place Recycling (CIR) Material, Surface Chloride Levels in Colorado Structural Concrete, CDOT Research Library.