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The first step in building a plan for the future of Colorado’s transportation system was hearing from the people who travel our roads every day. This effort — the most expansive outreach process in the history of the Department — revealed a compelling vision about the future of transportation in Colorado. This vision was conceived in the chambers of county commissions from Cortez to Julesburg, outside of public libraries in Gunnison, in grocery stores in Fort Morgan, in recreation centers in Salida and on the sidewalks of main streets across Colorado. Throughout these conversations, CDOT’s team has been struck by the uniqueness of each community, and by the common themes that emerge when talking about our transportation challenges.

Transportation Planning:

  • Identifies future needs for our transportation system
  • Establishes a transportation vision and goals for the state and the types of projects and investments that will help achieve these goals
  • Connects current and future funding realities to deliver an effective and efficient transportation system that works for Colorado today and in the future

map of colorado project needs assessment

Altogether, CDOT received thousands of comments that collectively point to three compelling needs:

  • Improving the condition and safety of our roads
  • Reducing congestion
  • Providing more travel options


road condition icon Road Condition & Safety  two arrows icon Lack of Travel Options

growth arrow icon Growth & Congestion       truck icon Freight

Along with safety improvements throughout Colorado, the 10-Year Strategic Project Pipeline will pursue projects that align with what we heard from Coloradans. CDOT has placed the projects in the following categories:

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Improving Our Interstates

This category includes any highway or transit improvements located on a Colorado interstate.
These projects address:

  • Growth & Congestion

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This category includes any highway or transit projects that contribute to the alleviation of congestion in Colorado’s metropolitan areas. These projects address:

  • Growth & Congestion
  • Lack of Travel Options

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Improving Rural Access Statewide

This category includes any highway or transit projects that provide travel access within and between Colorado’s rural areas. These projects address:

  • Growth & Congestion
  • Lack of Travel Options
  • Freight

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This category includes any highway or transit projects that improve the quality of rural roads.
These projects address:

  • Road Condition & Safety
  • Freight

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Road Condition & Maintenance

This category includes any highway or transit projects that will return our system to a “state of good repair.” These projects address:

  • Road Condition & Safety
  • Freight

Transportation Investments & Colorado’s Economy

In addition to providing tangible improvements to the condition of our system, investing in transportation creates ripple effects across the economy, resulting in new jobs and economic growth. Ongoing transportation funding keeps the state competitive with neighboring states. This is essential in Colorado where the state relies on $20 billion every year from the tourism industry. If visitors and tourists find the roads congested and in poor repair, it impacts the likelihood of return trips.

Every $1 billion in public infrastructure spending creates 13,000 direct and indirect jobs that provide ladders of opportunity into middle-class career pathways.

~ U.S. Department of Transportation

In 2018, the construction industry contributed $21.3 billion to Colorado’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Construction wages and salaries alone totaled $11 billion statewide.

~ U.S. Department of Commerce

10-year strategic project pipeline funding

Diversified Project List That Focuses On:

  • Improving the Interstates
  • Relieving Traffic with Transit
  • Improving Rural Access
  • Improving Rural Roads
  • Addressing Road Conditions & Maintenance

CDOT is Ready to Build:

  • $1.5–$2.7 billion of capital and asset management projects
  • 100+ shovel-ready projects
  • 1,000+ lane miles touched
  • 30+ bridge projects
  • 15 rehabbed or new transit facilities
  • 10 new Bustang buses



In May 2019, CDOT embarked on an effort to refresh our transportation plan and priorities based on firsthand input from residents across the state. Thousands of people weighed in, and now we are pleased to share a midpoint report detailing where we’ve been and what we’ve heard.

En mayo del 2019, el CDOT inició esfuerzos para actualizar nuestro plan de transporte y prioridades, en base a los aportes recibidos directamente de los residentes de todo el estado. Miles de personas opinaron y ahora ns complace compartir el informe intermedio que detalla los lugares donde estuvimos y comentarios qe recibimos.

We looked at our investment priorities and asking people across Colorado what matters to their lives and what transportation can do to get them there. CDOT created its Your Transportation Plan that identified a 10-year strategic pipeline of projects, inclusive of all modes, informed both by a data-driven needs assessment and public and stakeholder input. 

Read the Your Transportation Plan from Executive Director Lew

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