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CDOT Releases 10-Year Plan for State's Transportation Future

In April 2020, CDOT released a new 10-year statewide plan for the future of Colorado’s transportation system. This effort, known as Your Transportation Priorities, presents a comprehensive picture of the state’s highest priorities for transportation and provides a list of projects needed to achieve that vision.

CDOT began the process to build this planning document in 2019, meeting with Coloradans in every county in the state and connecting with residents in their communities. Thousands of comments and ideas became the basis for a prioritized list of transportation projects. The resulting plan includes improvements in 59 of Colorado’s 64 counties and includes a mix of long-deferred resurfacing projects as well as large and complex projects.

The plan is divided into two sets of projects: those prioritized and ready for funding in the next four years and an additional list set to move forward as funding became available.

Interactive Project Maps

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  • legend for interactive map belowAccessing the Legend: Select a project line or point to open a screen with more information about that project. To access the legend, select the button with the two arrows on the right for a key of symbols on the map. A window like the one to the right will display.
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Additional Resources

Project Fact Sheets

Region 1 Fact Sheet  Region 2 Fact Sheet  Region 3 Fact Sheet  Region 4 Fact Sheet  Region 5 Fact Sheet

Modal & Functional Plans

Colorado's transportation system includes a variety of modes and all types of users. If you drive to work, hop on the bus to pick up groceries, walk or bike to the park, or haul goods across the state, transportation matters to you.

In addition to the Statewide Transportation Plan, several modal plans are currently in the works. All of these will eventually be integrated into the wider Statewide Transportation Plan, along with plans for highway safety, operations and asset management. Together, these plans will help to establish a truly multi-modal transportation system that meets the needs of all Coloradans. Select one of the plans below to learn more.

Modal Plans

Functional Plans

In the News

In May 2019, CDOT's Executive Director Shoshana Lew authored this Denver Post guest commentary article on why lawmakers delayed asking voters for more transportation funding so CDOT can learn what Coloradans really need through a robust statewide planning process. The article is available by clicking here.

As CDOT starts a conversation with the public and stakeholders that will take a fresh look at transportation priorities, data analysis tools like CDOT’s Statewide Travel Model provide us with a glimpse into the future travel challenges we will face. CDOT’s travel model is predicting a significant concentration of congestion along Colorado’s Front Range and the severity of that congestion growing significantly over the next 10-years. Read the full study analysis regarding Colorado's congestion and population growth.

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