US 6 & Wadsworth Boulevard | Design Phase

About the Project:

The existing design and configuration of the US Highway 6 and Wadsworth Boulevard interchange, roadway, and sidewalks are deficient to meet the growing traffic and multimodal travel demands. Since the original interchange was constructed in the 1950s, the Denver Metro Area has seen explosive population growth, resulting in an increase in crashes and congestion across the region. Recognizing the future need for interchange upgrades and multimodal connectivity improvements, CDOT began planning efforts to improve the US 6 & Wadsworth more than 15 years ago. While portions of the project, including major environmental clearances, have been completed, the larger interchange reconstruction and multimodal connections remain as the largest and most critical improvements still needed. An Environmental Assessment (EA) was completed for the project in 2009, and in March 2010 a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was issued.

Pursuant to the FONSI, the Project was divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Wadsworth from 10th Avenue to West Colfax Avenue (Complete)

Phase 1 was completed in 2015. Phase 1 consisted of a new box culvert at Wadsworth and 12th Avenue and three lanes of concrete paving in each direction from just north of 10th Avenue to West Colfax Avenue. Intersection improvements at 14th Avenue and partial improvements at 10th Avenue were also completed. Detached 10-foot-wide multi-use paths were constructed on both sides of Wadsworth. Phase 1 also added a raised median on Wadsworth that includes a landscaped area between 12th and 13th Avenues.

Phase 2: Wadsworth from 10th Avenue to Highland Drive (Complete)

Phase 2 was completed in 2020. Phase 2 consisted of three lanes of paving in each direction from just north of 10th Avenue to just north of the 6th Avenue Frontage Road, and construction of a new box culvert with pedestrian/bicycle path crossing at Lakewood Gulch.

Phase 3: Wadsworth from Highland Drive to 4th Avenue

Phase 3 comprises the Project for which CDOT and the City are seeking RAISE discretionary grant program funding. Phase 3 will complete the long-term undertaking to improve Wadsworth inclusive of the bridge and interchange with US 6 and will provide uninterrupted pedestrian and bicycling passage by connecting to the improvements carried out in Phases 1 and 2. Ninety percent design for this portion of the project was completed in 2014, but finalization of the plans was put on hold due to lack of funding.