Phase 3: Southwest Quadrant Improvements | US 6 & Wadsworth Boulevard

About the Project

Phase 3 focuses on improvements in the southwest quadrant of the US 6 and Wadsworth Boulevard interchange that enhance pedestrian connectivity and mitigate traffic noise.

Improvements will include:

  • Installing noise walls along the frontage road south of US 6 between Meadowlark Drive and the Wadsworth Boulevard off-ramp
  • The noise walls will be 10’ minimum tall (from finished grade of US 6) between Carr and Wadsworth and 12’ minimum tall (from finished grade of US 6) between Meadowlark and Carr.
  • The noise walls will have a concrete guardrail on both sides to protect the wall from errant vehicles.
  • Realigning a portion of the southwest frontage road
  • Adding an auxiliary lane along eastbound US 6 from the Carr Street on-ramp to the Wadsworth Boulevard off-ramp
  • Adding a detached 10-foot-wide multi-use path on the west side of Wadsworth Boulevard from just south of 5th Avenue to Highland Avenue north of the interchange
  • Installing pedestrian crosswalks with flashing beacons at five of the on- and off-ramps

Work this Week & Lane Closures for US 6 & Wadsworth

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $11.7 Million
  • Contractor: Kraemer North America
  • Timeline: Late January 2024 to January 2025
  • Location: US 6 & Wadsworth
    • City: Lakewood
    • Mile Points: 280.36 to 280.834 (US 6)
      Mile Points: 12.21 to 12.66 on Wadsworth (CO 121)
    • County: Jefferson

A map showing roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, transit and noise mitigation improvements included in Phase 3 of the US 6 & Wadsworth Boulevard Interchange Improvements project, focused on adding new noise walls on the south side of US 6 between Meadowlark Drive and the US 6/Wadsworth Boulevard interchange, and improving the sidewalk on the west side of Wadsworth Boulevard from Highland Drive to 4th Avenue.

Phase 3 Improvements US 6 & Wadsworth

Noise Walls

Following a traffic noise study, CDOT determined that noise walls are recommended in all four quadrants of the interchange to reduce traffic noise noticeably for approximately 380 residences. The final step in determining whether these noise walls will be built involves a survey of property owners and tenants who would benefit from the wall. In order for the noise walls to be constructed, each wall needs to be supported by more than 50 percent of survey respondents.

Property owners and tenants in the southwest quadrant were surveyed in 2022 and are in favor of the noise walls planned along the south side of US 6, between Meadowlark Drive and Carr Street and between Carr Street and Wadsworth Boulevard, so these walls will be constructed. Surveys will be sent to those who would benefit from the walls in the other interchange quadrants later in this process following verification of each noise wall height and extent.

CDOT solicited public input to determine how the noise walls should look through a survey available on the project web page in late 2022/early 2023. The majority of survey participants were in favor of chiseled limestone. This treatment will be applied to the noise walls, in a light beige color with a dark brown stripe. This design will closely match the look of the walls located east of the US 6 and Wadsworth interchange. In locations where the new noise wall transitions to the existing wall (such as near Meadowlark Drive), the concrete barrier to be placed in front of the noise wall will also be light beige.

Angle-chiseled limestone wall along US 6 & Wadsworth
This is a simulation of the beige chiseled limestone noise wall
with a brown stripe near the top.

Traffic & Other Impacts

Motorists and area residents can expect the following impacts during the Phase 3 period of construction:

  • Periodic overnight lane and ramp closures will exist on eastbound US 6 from Carr Street to Wadsworth Boulevard
  • A 24/7 closure of the Carr Street on ramp to eastbound US 6 is in place until November, with detour signage routing motorists to Garrison Street, south to 1st Avenue and east to Wadsworth to access eastbound US 6 at the interchange
  • Single lane closures on southbound Wadsworth Boulevard from Highland Drive to 5th Avenue from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays
  • Intermittent block to block closures will exist along the Frontage Road from Meadowlark Drive to the interchange during construction of the noise walls, with minor detours to adjacent side streets
  • The block closures will only exist during working hours Monday to Friday
  • Other impacts include construction noise and overnight lighting
  • Local access to driveways will be maintained
  • Flaggers will be present to manage traffic flows, as needed
  • Signs will be in place to alert the public to detour routes, closures, and restrictions within the work zone
  • All construction schedules are weather dependent and subject to change

Work Schedule

  • Work began in late January and is expected to last until January 31, 2025
  • Working hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday
  • Some overnight and Saturday work is expected later in the project