Aesthetics will be inspired by the surroundings, protect scenic integrity, and incorporate the context of place. Timeless design continues the corridor’s legacy.


The following principles further define aesthetics and provide specific ways to identify and reach the Core Value.

Aesthetic Principles:

  • Connect to the setting; harmonize with the surroundings; and be a light touch on the land, subservient to the landscape.
  • Reflect I-70 as a major regional and national transportation corridor.
  • Celebrate crossing the Rocky Mountains with a high-country travel experience.
  • Respect urban, rural, and natural settings.
  • Draw upon and regenerate the context of place.
  • Aesthetic design treatments shall:
    • Support safety and mobility.
    • Support communities and regional destinations by providing direct and subliminal messaging for gateways, connections, access, and identification.
    • Maintain a sense of the greater whole.
    • Respect the current time and place.
    • Integrate with functional elements.
    • Borrow materials from the landscape.
    • Showcase key views while buffering inconsistent views.
    • Include maintenance considerations and responsibilities.

These principles are supported by and are further detailed in the I-70 Mountain Corridor Aesthetic Guidance, which is divided into Design Segments and which presents specific objectives and strategies.

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