Historic Context

Humankind’s past has contributed to the sense of place. The broad historic context is foundational to the corridor’s character and must be a part of every conversation.


The historic context of this corridor centers on human interaction with the environment and its resources: trapping, hunting, fishing, mining, hiking, and skiing. People have economically benefited from these resources over time. An interest in these past activities continues to bring economic benefit and a strong sense of place. New interests in the resources of this corridor may develop. To honor this Core Value, projects must contribute to a positive historic context, even as they create history.

The following principles further define the historic context and provide specific ways to identify and reach the Core Value.

Historic Context Principles:

  • Connect to the historic setting and harmonize with the cultural landscape.

  • Draw upon historic context for design input that shapes project solutions.

  • Use the I-70 Mountain Corridor Historic Context as the definitive historic framework resource for future projects in the corridor.

  • Support heritage tourism and historic preservation.

The I-70 Mountain Corridor Historic Context was prepared as a guide for future work with historic resources in the I-70 Mountain Corridor.


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