I-70 Mountain Corridor Aesthetics Guidance

banner design4The I-70 Mountain Corridor Aesthetic Guidance provides an aesthetic vision for the entire corridor that will guide the design of future projects and improvements. The aesthetic vision describes how the overall corridor will look and describes the aesthetic approach to unique places in the corridor.

The Aesthetic Guidance defines the corridor as a whole rather than defining it in construction phases or funding increments. This ensures that future projects do not become separate and disconnected from the entire corridor. The guidance is intended to be used in all future design efforts. As part of the Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process, aesthetic design will be integrated with engineering rather than tagged on as a decorative afterthought applied to predetermined solutions.

The I-70 Mountain Corridor CSS Team established the overall Corridor Aesthetic Principles and Regional Functional Context. Additionally, the Colorado Department of Transportation convened Aesthetic Working Groups to assist the corridor and consultant teams in preparing the Aesthetic Guidance. The working groups collaboratively developed descriptions for four geographic Design Segments, as well as Areas of Special Attention and aesthetic themes within each segment, that collectively include the entire I-70 Mountain Corridor. The four Design Segments include:

The Aesthetic Guidance creates the aesthetic context for the corridor. It is grouped together by Design Segments and includes design elements appropriate to each segment. In 2015, the guidelines were updated to reflect lessons learned and best management practices from recent projects and overall implementation.

Aesthetics Visual Context Maps and Photo Boards

From east to west along the I-70 Mountain Corridor: