Construction Activities for 2022

Work to be done in 2022 includes:

  • Relocating a two-mile section of the Vail Pass Recreation Trail and building two bridges to cross this trail over Black Gore Creek.
    • The section of the trail from approximately Mile Point 185 to 187 needs to be moved farther from I-70 to allow for the widening of eastbound I-70 for the auxiliary lane and realigning curves.
    • Moving the trail farther from the highway will allow this road work to proceed and it will provide a much more pleasant experience for cyclists and trail users in the long run.

I-70 W. Vail Pass Auxilliary lanes rendering 4

I-70 W. Vail Pass Auxilliary lanes rendering 6

  • The start of construction on the westbound I-70 bridge at Mile Point 185.3
  • Completion of the westbound highway closure system at the top of the pass
  • Placement of temporary asphalt in anticipation of traffic shifts needed for the 2023 construction season