US 34, US 287 to Larimer County Rd. 3 EA and FONSI

April 2007 - Environmental Assessment (EA) - The purpose of the proposed project is to provide an improved transportation facility between US 287 and LCR 3 that would meet the following needs: Improve current and future traffic mobility, Improve transportation safety, and Accommodate 2030 travel demand. July 2007 - Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) - This project encompasses approximately 6 miles of US 34 (also known as Eisenhower Boulevard) in Loveland, Colorado. The project corridor extends between a western terminus at US 287 (North Lincoln Avenue and North Cleveland Avenue one-way pair) and an eastern terminus of Larimer County Road 3 (LCR 3), 1.5 miles east of the I-25 interchange. Keywords: Studies, US Highways, Study, Studies