Just the Facts: Marijuana-Impaired Driving in Colorado

The latest data on consuming cannabis and driving impaired

You want data to support the claim that driving high is dangerous. We do, too — so here are a few of the latest numbers on marijuana-impaired driving in Colorado.

A data graph showing fatalities in crashes with drivers testing positive for less than 5 nanograms of THC in their system. A data graph showing the percentage of cannabis consumers who reported driving within 2-3 hours of consuming cannabis.

Just the Facts
The latest data shows that in 2020, approximately 17% of marijuana consumers reported driving high within 2-3 hours of consuming cannabis, regardless of research showing that cannabis can stay in your system for much longer. Also, from 2019 to 2020, Colorado saw a slight decrease in cannabis-involved crash fatalities, but 48 deaths is still 48 too many.

Safety is an integral part of our message and our mission. We urge you to look at the data and choose wisely. Please plan ahead and never drive impaired on cannabis. Visit our Cannabis and Driving: Data and Research page for more of the latest data. 

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