Whether you want to learn more or would like to help CDOT educate the public about marijuana-impaired driving, CDOT and other state and local organizations have a broad range of resources available. If there is a resource you would like but can’t find here, please reach out to [email protected].


Copy and paste the embed code below to use these educational videos on your social media, website or other digital channels. 

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Coming soon: Download graphics to use as PSA content for on-screen slideshows, in print collateral, on social media or email newsletters. We’ve had partners such as dispensaries and hospitals use these as PSA material. 


CDOT has learned that providing unbiased, fact-based information is key to convincing cannabis consumers that driving while impaired on cannabis can be dangerous. Below are links to other agencies and academic studies for further education and resources regarding marijuana-impaired driving. 

1. Visit our FAQ page here

2. CDOT also works collaboratively on this issue with multiple state agencies and committees. Learn more by following the links below.

State of Colorado 


City and County of Denver

3. Coming soon: Links to federal and academic research reports and studies from the partners below.


Governor's Highway Safety Administration