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Get the Keys for a Safe Holiday Season!

“Like” our Keys for the Holidays app on Facebook, play the game! Plan Ahead this holiday season with a sober designated driver and you’ll win big too; avoiding more than $10,270 in jail fees and fines. To play the game and to like our Facebook page click here: Facebook Button

How to Play the Game:

There are two levels to the game. You are the sober designated driver for the elf holiday party and you need to make sure everyone gets home safely. In the first level, you need to collect the car keys from all of the elves with a drink in hand. To navigate through the workshop, use your arrow keys on your computer keyboard. When you see an elf with a drink and keys in hand, press the space bar to collect their car keys. This will allow you to prevent them from driving home impaired and avoid DUI jail time and costly fines.

Level 1: Take the keys from your friends as the sober designated driver

Elf Game 2


Elf Game 1

After you’ve collected all the keys, it’s time to get your friends home safely. Steer clear of any elves with alcoholic beverages. As you navigate through the workshop, use the arrows to avoid any elves trying to offer you alcohol. Be careful though. Impairment can start at the very first drink. Even just a drink or two can be very costly. The average DUI in Colorado is more than $10,270.

Level 2: Avoid any elves trying to offer you alcohol. Impairment starts at the very first drink.

Elf Game 3

Success: You’ve just saved your friend’s from a DUI!

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