Seat Belt Stories

CDOT’s “Seat Belt Stories” video series is a powerful reminder to buckle up every time you’re in a vehicle. Each video is narrated by victims and family members describing horrific crashes in which the decision to wear a seat belt made the difference between life and death. Some videos describe the tragic consequences of not buckling up, and others feature stories of people who did buckle up and lived to talk about it. While each victim is different, they share at least one thing in common because of their experience: they will always buckle up. Access the full video series here.

Hannah was just 4 years old when she and her mother were involved in a crash. Safely buckled in her car seat, Hannah survived. Her mother, who was unbuckled and ejected from the vehicle during the crash, did not. Years later, Hannah shares what she would like to say to her mother after growing up without her.

Amy and Christy share a bond no parent ever should. Both mothers lost their children in unbuckled crashes. In both cases, the buckled passengers riding with them survived the crash.

Logan and Jeremy are strangers, but they share something in common: they were both involved in car crashes as teenagers. Logan and his friends were all wearing their seat belts at the time of his crash. All of them walked away uninjured. Jeremy was unbuckled when his crash occurred. He suffered a traumatic brain injury that has permanently affected every aspect of his life since.

Alex and Oscar may not know one another, but they have something important in common. Seat belts saved their lives.