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Throughout the nation, Michael Baker International (Michael Baker) offers a comprehensive range of innovative engineering and planning services in support of federal, state, and municipal governments. With 90+ offices and 3,600 employees, Michael Baker is a leading provider of engineering and consulting services. Their 90+ Denver office provides CDOT and other local and regional clients with a wide range of infrastructure planning and design services.  The Denver-based Michael Baker office supports the CDOT Front Range with numerous roadway, traffic, drainage, and structure engineering task orders through both the General Engineering and Traffic Engineering NPS contracts. From the Floyd Hill roundabout projects to the region-wide safety studies in Regions 1 and 4 they have developed a trusted partner relationship with CDOT through a range of projects and disciplines.  Their success with CDOT was recognized by Women Transportation Seminar (WTS) in 2022 as the Innovative Transportation Solution of the Year for creativity in public involvement and safety analysis

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