2024 Cohort Profiles

AECOM - Mentor

Picture of Tony DeVito

Tony DeVito

Senior Program Director, US West Transportation
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303-843-2224

logo of AECOM

Company Overview

AECOM is a global infrastructure consulting firm, delivering professional services throughout the project lifecycle – from advisory, planning, design and engineering to program and construction management. On projects spanning transportation, aviation, buildings, water, new energy and the environment, AECOM works with public- and private-sector clients to solve their most complex challenges.

AECOM has worked on a variety of CDOT projects, including:

  • I-25 North Design Build - CDOT R4
  • I-25 Military Access, Mobility & Safety Improvement Project (MAMSIP) - CDOT R2
  • Division Transit & Rail - Program Management Support for Mobility Hubs - CDOT HQ and Regions Statewide

  AECOM LinkedIn page 

Civil Technology - Protégé

Picture of James Ellis

James Ellis

Senior Associate
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303-292-0348

logo of Civil Technology

Company Overview

Civil Technology, Inc. was organized in 1989, in Denver, Colorado USA. The firm is certified as: Small Business Enterprise and Minority/Women Business Enterprise in the city of Denver, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Emerging Small Business in the state of Colorado. Civil Technology has participated in the program management and construction management of some of Denver's most prestigious projects including: Denver International Airport, Stapleton Redevelopment Project, Denver Union Station Redevelopment project, Downtown Denver's 14th Street Streetscape Improvement Project, Central Park Boulevard and 1-70 Interchange, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) Light Rail expansion program (FasTracks), the Webb Civic Center Building, and Denver's Art Museum Expansion, the Hyatt Convention Center Hotel.

  Civil Technology LinkedIn page 

Benesch - Mentor

Jess Hastings headshot

Jess Hastings

Colorado Division Manager
Email: [email protected]

Benesch logo

Company Overview

Since their founding in 1946, Benesch has grown into a mid-sized firm nimble enough to remain responsive to client needs, yet large enough to offer exceptional bench strength and expertise. Serving a broad range of markets, Benesch is committed to enhancing infrastructure and communities across the country through planning, engineering and design.  They continuously look for innovative solutions while remaining focused on value to improve the communities we live in.  Benesch has worked on a variety of CDOT projects, including:

  • I-25 Exit 11 Interchange Improvements
  • Off-System Bridges and Minor & Ancillary Structures Inspections
  • ADA Construction Manager/General Contractor - CDOT Region 1

  Benesch LinkedIn Page 

Canyon Engineering - Protégé

Paras Shah headshot

Paras Shah

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303-667-0434

Canyon Engineering logo

Company Overview

Founded in 2018, Canyon Engineering Group is a small employee-owned Colorado-based Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Emerging Small Business firm that provides engineering expertise in Structural Design, Roadway & Transportation Design, and Construction Management & Inspection. They are dedicated to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, mutual trust, and respect. Canyon has had the pleasure of working on several CDOT Projects, including but not limited to:

  • I-25 North Express Lanes Segments 7 & 8 (Design Build) - CDOT Region 4
  • I-25 North Express Lanes Segment 5 (Construction Manager/General Contractor) - CDOT Region 4
  • CDOT Staff Bridge Non Project Specific - Bridge Load Rating Services

Canyon Engineering LinkedIn page 

Consor - Mentor

Tony Hurd headshot

Tony Hurd

Principal Engineer
Email: t[email protected]

Consor logo

Company Overview

Consor's Colorado presence, launched in 2006 as Apex Design, includes offices in Denver, Lakewood, and Louisville. They offer 60+ local teammates delivering planning, engineering, and construction management on transportation and water infrastructure projects in the Rocky Mountain Region and are backed by the full complement of Consor’s 1,600 professionals nationwide. Consor has successfully delivered solutions for hundreds of transportation projects in Colorado to help improve transportation safety and operations, as well as addressing connectivity, placemaking, and building communities. They offer a wide range of professional services, including multimodal planning, roadway design, intelligent transportation systems, traffic engineering and design, traffic modeling and analysis, parking studies, asset and data management, program management, construction inspection, structural assessment, and fiber optic installation. Consor has worked on a variety of CDOT project, including:

  • CO 83 Safety and Operations Analysis - CDOT Region 1 
  • Sheridan Boulevard, City of Edgewater - CDOT Region 1 and City and County of Denver
  • I-25 North Express Lanes, Johnstown to Fort Collins - CDOT Region 4

  Consor LinkedIn Page 

Peters & Yaffee- Protégé

Jay Snyder headshot

Jay Snyder

Denver Office Leader
Email: [email protected]

Peters & Yaffee logo

Company Overview

Peters and Ya­ffee, Inc. (PY) is a minority-owned professional services consulting firm providing traffic and transportation engineering design services. Established in 2008 by Dow Peters, PE, and Russell Yaff­ee, PE, PTOE, PY has built a reputation of excellence around our primary design services—traffic signal, signing, striping, and roadway design. Our extensive experience as a subconsultant on multi-disciplined project teams has given us a strong understanding of how to efficiently navigate projects and deliver on expectations. PY established our Denver branch office in 2019 to serve the rapidly growing state. Our staff­ of cross-trained engineers includes three local employees supported by dozens of full-time engineers from our Jacksonville, FL, headquarters office. They have worked on a variety of CDOT projects, including:

  • 3400 S Broadway HAWK Signal Design - CDOT Region 1 and the City of Englewood
  • Evergreen Park & Recreation (EPRD) Evergreen Lake North Trail Reconstruction and CO 74 Detour
  • Denver Hampden (US 285) Multimodal Improvements

  Peters & Yaffee LinkedIn page 

David Evans & Associates - Mentor

Sara Ciasto headshot

Sara Ciasto

Colorado Market Leader for Transportation
Email: [email protected]

David Evans and Associates logo

Company Overview

David Evans and Associates, Inc. (DEA) is a multi-disciplinary, employee-owned firm that combines the talents of nearly 1,000 engineers, planners, surveyors, scientists, and landscape architects. With over 20 years of service to clients in the Colorado market, our professionals specialize in the delivery of transportation projects for agencies across Colorado. Our technical and managerial staff provide technical depth, professional maturity, and the dedication required to evaluate problems and develop solutions in complex multimodal transportation planning, design, and construction environments. David Evans has worked on a variety of CDOT projects, including:
  • Vasquez Boulevard Design
  • I-70/Ward Road Construction Management, Construction Inspection, and Materials Testing (CM/CI/MT)
  • Parker Road (CO 83) Corridor Improvements Analysis

  David Evans LinkedIn Page 

Theorem Design Group - Protégé

Matt Gilbert headshot

Matt Gilbert

Email: [email protected]

Theorem logo

Company Overview

Theorem Design Group, Inc. (Theorem) is a civil engineering firm dedicated to serving the transportation design sector exclusively within the state of Colorado. Their firm is committed to delivering comprehensive design solutions to state and local agency clientele, boasting a team of expert engineers specializing in roadway, drainage, and structural engineering.  At Theorem, their mission is centered on providing engineered solutions that facilitate safe and efficient transportation, meticulously tailored to the unique environmental considerations of Colorado. Theorem Design Group has worked on a variety of CDOT project including:

  • CO 79 over I-70 – Prime Consultant
  • Bridge Bundle Design Build - Subconsultant - CDOT Region 2

  Theorem Design Group LinkedIn page 

Emprise Concepts - Mentor

Preston Petty headshot

Preston Petty

Email: [email protected]

Emprise Concepts logo

Company Overview

Emprise Concepts, a Colorado-based civil engineering firm, is well-versed in design and construction, proving instrumental in delivering successful, quality projects. With a strong understanding of owners’ expectations and an appreciation for contractors' challenges, they strive to inspire all project team members to work collaboratively to produce positive results for all parties.

  Emprise Concepts LinkedIn Page 

Kullman Engineering Group - Protégé

Kevin Kullman headshot

Kevin Kullman

Email: [email protected]

KEG logo

Company Overview

Kullman Engineering Group, LLC (KEG) is an Emerging Small Business Level-1 engineering firm based in the Denver-metro area with a focus on providing construction engineering, administration, and inspection services as well as program management services for larger municipal and state clients.  They were established with the philosophy of providing exemplary service to their clients by providing knowledgeable and dedicated resources while mentoring all company and project staff for shared professional growth. Their small size allows them to provide a customized and local solution for their clients on each project or program to address their specific needs and requirements. Kullman Engineering Group has worked on a variety of CDOT projects including:

  • I-76 Reconstruction, York to Dahlia - CDOT Region 1

  Kullman Engineering Group LinkedIn Page 

Felsburg Holt & Ullevig - Mentor

Pat Stein headshot

Pat Stein

Principal Engineer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303-877-7687

fhu logo

Company Overview

Felsburg Holt & Ullevig (FHU) is a consulting firm specializing in transportation planning, traffic engineering, civil engineering design, water resource, and environmental services. They provide professional services on a wide range of transportation and design projects, with an emphasis on developing creative, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive solutions. They have worked on a variety of CDOT projects, including:

  • CDOT’s Statewide Transportation Plan
  • US 6 Bridges Design-Build
  • CDOT Statewide Transit Zero Emission Vehicle Roadmap
  • CDOT’s Lane Closure Policy

Felsburg Holt & Ullevig LinkedIn page 

Basis Partners - Protégé

Jason Bonini

Jason Bonini

Email: [email protected]

Basis Partners logo

Company Overview

Basis Partners is a consulting firm based in Colorado Springs specializing in bridge inspection, transportation design, and construction management and inspection services. Their team brings over 400 years of combined experience in the transportation industry, having worked on various public and private projects. They offer services to local and state partners across the Front Range, including the following CDOT projects:

  • US 50 Mile Point 271-275, 8 Mile Hill Design Engineering Services
  • I-25 at Drew Dix Parkway
  • Statewide Off-System Bridge Inspection

  Basis Partners LinkedIn Page 

AtkinsRéalis - Mentor

Anthony Pisano headshot

Anthony Pisano

Vice President,
DOT Business Unit, Colorado Sector Manager
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 720-475-7013

AtkinsRealis Logo

Company Overview

AtkinsRéalis is a world leading design, engineering and project-management consultancy, with over 40,000 employees globally and 4,000 within the United States. In Colorado, they offer full-service civil engineering services specializing in the planning, design and construction management of complex highway projects They have worked on a variety of CDOT's complex projects, including I-70 Floyd Hill, the Central 70 project in Denver, and the I-25 North projects on Segments 5&6 and 7&8. AtkinsRealis LinkedIn page 

HCL Engineering- Protégé

Julilan Sisneros headshot

Julian Sisneros

Email: [email protected]

HCL logo

Company Overview

HCL Engineering & Surveying (HCL) is a multi-disciplinary firm that excels in civil engineering, structural engineering, surveying and mapping, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), and architecture. Established in 1999 and proudly serving the Colorado Front Range and the Western Slope, HCL is committed to delivering quality, innovative professional services. The firm's culture emphasizes excellence, integrity, and innovation, fostering a supportive environment where every team member is valued. HCL's collaborative approach across disciplines ensures comprehensive solutions tailored to meet clients’ needs, aiming to simplify complex projects and exceed expectations.  HCL proudly holds certifications as an Minority Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Emerging Small Business, emphasizing its commitment to diversity and inclusion within the industry. Catering to both private and public sector clients, HCL seamlessly integrates its services to meet the varied requirements of its clientele, ensuring projects of all scales are executed with the highest standards of excellence.

  HCL LinkedIn page 

HDR - Mentor

Chau Nguyen headshot

Chau Nguyen

Senior Transportation Project Manager, Associate Vice President
Email: [email protected]

HDR logo

Company Overview

For over a century, HDR has partnered with clients to shape communities and push the boundaries of what is possible. HDR is a full-service engineering and consulting firm. Their expertise spans more than 12,000 employees in 200+ locations around the world. Their local team includes 670 staff in Colorado and 208 transportation professionals to assist the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). In Colorado, they have been serving local communities since 1957. HDR is proud to be a current participant in the ESB Mentor-Protégé Program, and they have been partnering with CDOT on vital projects for more than two decades. Some of their recent successful collaborations include:

  • I-70 Floyd Hill Mountain Corridor - CDOT Region 1 
  • CO Meeker Bridges projects - CDOT Region 3
  • Roadway Design Guide

HDR LinkedIn page

SurvWest - Protégé

Jeremy Garcia-Glasscock headshot

Jeremy Garcia-Glasscock

Denver Utility Operations Leader
Email: [email protected]

SurvWest logo

Company Overview

SurvWest is a diversified engineering firm specializing in surveying and mapping; subsurface utility engineering (SUE); and utility coordination for public and private clientele. Established in 2009 with offices located in Denver, Colorado, Fort Worth and Austin, Texas. They are DBE, MBE, SBE, and ESB certified. SurvWest has worked on a variety of CDOT projects including: 

  • CO 84 Embankment Slope Failure at Mile Point 7.5 - CDOT Region 5
  • Division of Transit and Rail Non Project Specific Capital Program Support Services, Task Order #2, Outrider Stop Audit & Design - CDOT Headquarters
  • Broadway Bus Rapid Transit - CDOT Region 1

  SurvWest LinkedIn Page 

Michael Baker- Mentor

Stephen Pouliot headshot

Stephen Pouliot

Vice President
Email: [email protected] 

Michael Baker logo

Company Overview

Throughout the nation, Michael Baker International (Michael Baker) offers a comprehensive range of innovative engineering and planning services in support of federal, state, and municipal governments. With 90+ offices and 3,600 employees, Michael Baker is a leading provider of engineering and consulting services. Their 90+ Denver office provides CDOT and other local and regional clients with a wide range of infrastructure planning and design services.  The Denver-based Michael Baker office supports the CDOT Front Range with numerous roadway, traffic, drainage, and structure engineering task orders through both the General Engineering and Traffic Engineering NPS contracts. From the Floyd Hill roundabout projects to the region-wide safety studies in Regions 1 and 4 they have developed a trusted partner relationship with CDOT through a range of projects and disciplines.  Their success with CDOT was recognized by Women Transportation Seminar (WTS) in 2022 as the Innovative Transportation Solution of the Year for creativity in public involvement and safety analysis

  Michael Baker International LinkedIn Page 

HgConsult - Protégé

Stephen Fussnecker headshot

Stephen Fussnecker

Colorado Bridge Lead
Email: [email protected]

Hg Consult logo

Company Overview

Hg Consult is a professional consulting service firm based on three key factors: responsiveness, quality, and open communication. They are a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Emerging Small Business, and Minority Business Enterprise. Hg Consult offers full transportation planning and design services including but not limited to roadway design, bridge design & inspection, traffic engineering and simulation, drainage design and erosion control, water & wastewater, and more. They pride themselves in their successful completion of several complex projects to the complete satisfaction of their prime consultant clients.

  Hg Consult LinkedIn Page 

Muller Engineering Company - Mentor

Steve Gabriszeski headhot

Steve Gabriszeski

Associate, Transportation Senior Project Manager
Email: [email protected]

Karen Fuhr headshot

Karen Fuhr

Associate, Transportation Senior Project Manager
Email: [email protected]

Muller logo

Company Overview

Muller Engineering Company is a mid-sized, employee-owned civil engineering consulting firm located in Lakewood, Colorado. They provide engineering design, program management, environmental planning, and construction management services for projects in transportation, stormwater and floodplain management, water and wastewater utilities, and structural and bridge design, primarily in the public sector. Since their founding in 1980, Muller has grown to more than 145 employees who are committed to delivering successful, context-sensitive projects that incorporate meaningful stakeholder involvement, innovative designs, and minimal environmental impacts. Their passion for engineering excellence and innovative project concepts provides their clients with sensible, creative, and cost-effective solutions that address the needs of our communities. They have worked on a variety of CDOT project including:

  • I-25 North, Segments 5 and 6
  • CO 119 Safety and Mobility Improvements Project
  • 2013 Flood Recovery Program and Resiliency Program

  Muller LinkedIn Page 

Goodbee & Associates - Protégé

Mary Keith Floyd headshot

Mary Keith Floyd

Email: [email protected]

Goodbee logo

Company Overview

Established in 1994, Goodbee & Associates, Inc. is a professional consulting firm providing utility engineering, landscape architecture, and environmental planning. Goodbee specializes in subsurface utility engineering (SUE) investigations; wet and dry utility design; and utility coordination to minimize utility conflicts and facilitate utility relocations. Landscape architectural specialties include streetscape design, green infrastructure, park and recreation design, and visual impact assessment. Their staff of over 30 engineers, landscape architects, and technicians has served CDOT and many localities throughout Colorado on all project phases from planning through design and construction.  Goodbee is a Colorado based, women-owned small business. They have worked on a variety of CDOT projects including:

  •  I-25 North Segment 5 CO 66 to CO 56 
  • US 6 Palisade 
  • I-70 Floyd Hill 

  Goodbee LinkedIn page