Eligibility & Application

Program Guidance

Mentor-Protege Program Guidance

Application Information

  • Applications for 2024 are closed

What are the Eligibility Requirements?


  • Active CDOT ESB certification at the following levels:
    • Levels 1, 2, and SBE
  • In business at least 2 full years
  • Must be seeking business growth and expansion opportunities
  • Solo entrepreneurs will only be considered if prepared to hire while in the program


  • Completed (closed out) at least 3 projects with CDOT as a prime or sub OR performed at least $3M in CDOT contract work
  • Be actively prequalified with CDOT (MPA/technical prequal for consultants; B2GNow approved prequalification for contractors)
  • DBE and ESB certified firms may be Mentors