Program Expectations & Benefits of Participating

What can I expect as an ESB Mentor-Protege Cohort Member?

This is a brief summary of what participants can expect during their time in the program. It highlights key areas to be aware of prior to applying. Read the CDOT ESB Mentor-Protégé Program Guidance for full details about participant expectations, benefits, and tenure.

Key Benefits

Cohort participants will experience a variety of benefits both while they are actively involved in the program and for one year after graduation.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Annual stipend for reimbursement (up to $4,999)
    • Billability offset/time reimbursement
    • CTE credit reimbursement
  • Profile on CDOT website
  • Recognition in the Connect2DOT newsletter (5,000+ subscribers)
  • Unique opportunities to meet CDOT leadership, CDOT project staff, and Colorado Transportation Commissioners
  • Exclusive access to CDOT training & feedback opportunities
  • Opportunity to spotlight company at CDOT small business events throughout the year


This is largely a self-paced program, and teams get out of it what they put into it. By the end of the second year, most Mentor-Protege teams will have established a strong working relationship with proven success toward growing the capacity of the protege firm through a variety of business development initiatives and tracked goals. Teams will also graduate with a deeper understanding of CDOT processes and procedures by attending a variety of workshops, both with CDOT staff and other firms in the transportation industry. 

CDOT ESB Mentor-Protégé Program participants should expect to spend dedicated time working to not only establish business-related goals, but to make strides toward achieving them. These goals support the business development component of the program and team progress is monitored throughout the year by the Team Liaison.

Along with self-led team meetings, cohort members will meet with the Team Liaison once per quarter to discuss the team’s goals and track progress toward accomplishing these goals.

The most successful teams meet with each other on a continual and consistent basis.