2022 Program Eligibility

Eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that both Mentors and Protégés have the foundation necessary to be successful during their tenure in the program, and to provide CDOT with a pipeline of sustainable consultant/contractor capacity.


  • Active CDOT ESB certification at the following levels
    • Construction: Levels 1, 2, and SBE
    • Professional Services: Levels 1 and 2 (SBE consultants are not eligible to be Proteges but they are encouraged to consider Mentoring)
  • In business at least two full years
  • Must be seeking business growth and expansion opportunities
  • Solo entrepreneurs will only be considered with demonstrated intent to hire while in the program


  • Completed (closed out) at least 3 projects with CDOT as a prime or sub OR performed at least $3M in CDOT contract work
  • Be actively prequalified with CDOT (MPA/technical prequal for consultants; B2GNow approved prequalification for contractors)
  • DBE and ESB certified firms are encouraged to Mentor smaller Protégé firms