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Master Pricing Agreement (MPA)

ALL PRIMES & SUBS are Required to have a MPA with CDOT in order to be awarded a contract or to work on a CDOT project. NOTE: RENEWAL OF MPA - It is the CONSULTANTS responsibility to make certain that they renew their MPA annually. Please check your MPA approval date and make certain to submit the proper documentation to the CDOT Audit Division so that there is no lapse in your MPA approval. No new contracts can be awarded unless the Consultant has a current approved MPA. This folder contains the process for Obtaining a Master Pricing Agreement with CDOT and related forms and documents that will assist you in making your MPA application.
We will use this folder to provide our consultant partners with any changes or updates to the MPA process.
Decoupling Process
Effective January 1, 2017 CDOT has instituted a voluntary process called "decoupling." Decoupling allows for the Indirect Cost Rate and the Direct Salary review to be separated. This will permit the Consultant the option to submit their annual salary raises more in line with their corporate policy and allow for that raise to be approved prior to their annual MPA renewal date.
Financial Qualification Brochure-MPA
UPDATED 11/30/2017: This brochure will assist the Consultant in filing its financial qualifications with the CDOT Audit Division. This includes a "fillable" Appendix G, Employee Listing.
Standard Job Classifications
UPDATED 11/30/2017: Consultants are required to match their firm's employee job classifications with CDOT's Standard Job Classifications for both the Master Pricing Agreement and Add-Employee process. Please see the Standard Job Classification guide within this folder. PLEASE CHECK OFTEN FOR UPDATES AS THIS IS A LIVING DOCUMENT!!
Add Employees to Consultant MPA
Process to add employees or obtain employee promotions to a Consultants MPA once issued. Please keep in mind that a consultant CANNOT be reimbursed for any employee hours worked unless they have: 1) Been listed on Consultant's MPA and 2) Received PRIOR approval from the CDOT PM. Please see EC-001 for details. State Fiscal Rules does not allow for retroactive (approval) payment. Approvals MUST be obtained PRIOR to an employee working.
File Add Employees to a Task Order
EC-010 provides guidance on how to add an MPA approved employee to an existing Task Order.
File Office Excel 2007 XML workbook List of Consultants with MPA's
The attached file represents the current list of consultant MPA's with approval dates. The Consultant should make certain that they apply for their MPA or Option letter as instructed by CDOT's Financial Qualification Brochure (check the tab on your left) on an ANNUAL basis. CDOT's policy is that unless the consultant has a currently approved MPA/Option Letter they will not be eligible to be awarded any contracts or can any new task orders be written. This applies to both Primes and Sub consultant's. NOTE: This list is updated MONTHLY. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]
File AASHTO's Internal Control Questionnaire
Contains a fillable form for the AASHTO's Internal Control Questionnaire required for the consultants Financial Qualifications package to the Audit Division
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