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Updated on August 10, 2020
Construction Management Staffing Tool

2020-6. August 10, 2020. The purpose of this Bulletin is to inform CDOT project personnel that the Construction Management (CM) Staffing Tool is available for use to estimate internal and consultant construction project staffing needs.

Two New Options for Post Construction Landscape Establishment

2020-5. July 24, 2020. Construction projects may include an extended landscape establishment period to ensure the successful establishment of revegetation, environmental mitigations, plantings, and seeding.  Successful landscape establishment is required to close permits.  The purpose of this Design Bulletin is is to provide information concerning two new options for completing landscape/vegetation re-establishment maintenance work for low and medium risk, design-bid-build projects.  For these options, final project acceptance is issued when construction is complete and a new Post Construction Landscape Establishment Phase (PCEP) is initiated.

Guidance for using Standard Special Provisions - 207-Topsoil, 212-Soil Amendments, Seeding, and Sodding, and 214-Nursery Stock Containers and Unrooted Cuttings

2020-4. July 9, 2020. Revised on September 14, 2020. The purpose of this Design Bulletin is to provide information regarding approved Standard Special Provisions (SSPs) and Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) technical support resources available during Design. Phase agendas and worksheets are also being introduced to improve the quality assurance (inspection/verification tools) for project topsoil management, soil amendment products, and seeding procedures. To be used on projects that have a Field Inspection Review (FIR) meeting on or after October 10, 2020.

2020 CDOT MASH Compliance Guardrail Policy

2020-3. June 29, 2020. The purpose of this Design Bulletin is because the Standards and Specifications Unit is revising and updating the implementation policy for MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) tested 31-inch guardrail.

Tips for Smooth Project Advertisement

2020-1. April 29, 2020. Projects not being validated in AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction prior to project advertisement. The three required AASHTOWare validation reports used to check that all pay items have been included and the project is within budget. Execution of these three validation reports is required for project advertisement.

2019 CDOT Visual Impact Assessments (VIA) Guidelines

2019-4. November 19, 2019. The purpose of this Design Bulletin is to provide guidance regarding the new CDOT Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) guidelines, templates, and questionnaire that address the visual impacts of our highways.

2019 CDOT Engineering Estimate Request

2019-3. May 8, 2019. The Engineering Estimates and Market Analysis (EEMA) Branch is implementing a new process to request Engineering Estimates for projects.

Form 463 Changes “Go-Live” May 16th

2019-2. May 3, 2019. An implemented Form 463 improvement suggestion from region management will be reflected in SAP beginning May 16, 2019. This new format would more clearly highlight instances where design standards are not being met in the proposed condition.

Revisions to Standard Specifications 107.25 and 208 - Water Quality Control and Erosion Control

2019-1. March 28, 2019. The purpose of this Bulletin is to provide information and instruction regarding the revisions to Standard Specifications 107.25 and 208 issued on March 27, 2019. Changes to these specifications were made to ensure compliance with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) new Colorado Discharge Permit System General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities (SCP) (COR400000).

2018 CDOT Roadway Design Guide (RDG)

2018-7. October 25, 2018. The 2018 release of the CDOT Roadway Design Guide (RDG) is synchronized with the AASHTO 2011, "A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, 6th Edition" (Green Book).

New CDOT Roadway Design Guide Ch 12 - Accessible Pedestrian Design

2018-4. July 30, 2018. This is the new Chapter 12, "Accessible Pedestrian Design" for the CDOT Roadway Design Guide. It is derived from the Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG). Topics range from general ADA requirements to a deeper dive on curb ramp and pedestrian access route technical requirements. Designers and field staff are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the range of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) topics.

Earthwork Tool

2018-3. May 22, 2018. The bulletin describes t​he Earthwork Tool, which is a synthesis of best practices​ to guide designers toward CDOT standard earthwork protocol while offering the regions flexibility in making project-by-project earthwork decisions​.​

New Form 463 “Go-Live” June 4th

2018-2. May 17, 2018. This Design Bulletin is the final notification for additional input to Form 463.​ It is ​a follow up to Design Bulletin 2018-1 issued on May 2, 2018.

New Form 463 “Go-Live” June 4th

2018-1. May 2, 2018. The FHWA controlling criteria for design, changed from 13 to 10 in mid-2016. Outreach to the regions via the Project Delivery Advisory Committee (PDAC) regarding Form 463 redesign began in early 2017. The new Form 463 currently in SAP production, obtained PDAC approval in February. Please read this bulletin to find more highlights.

Noise Guide Changes

2017-01. April 10, 2017. This bulletin aligns Colorado noise standards with national standards.

3D Engineered Construction Surveying

2016-4. May 13, 2016. CDOT is now able to provide 3D modeling information to Contractors to be used during bidding and construction, provided the project meets specified criteria.

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