Division of Project Support Memos

Updated on March 1, 2022.
Electronic Professional Engineer Seal Acquisition, On-Demand Training, and Support

2022-1. March 1, 2022. The purpose of this Memorandum is to outline the steps for licensed Professional Engineers to purchase their individual Electronic Seal/Stamp for CDOT documents within the scope of their job duties/AES Board Rules and seek reimbursement for the expenditure. Also, to learn more about access to training to apply electronic seal/stamp to engineering documents.

Surface Treatment Program (STP) Distribution for Regional Planning Budgets for FY 2023 & 2024.

2018-01. December 25, 2018. The Materials and Geotechnical Branch Manager, with direction from the Pavement Management Program (PMP) and CDOT Regional Directors, is requesting ratification by the Chief Engineer, and the Chief Financial Officer to utilize the following recommendations to establish Regional planning budgets for delivery of the Surface Treatment Program (STP) in FY 2023 and 2024.

Implementation of Project First - Phase 2

December 10, 2018. Phase 2 incorporates the new Project First specification, a requirement of Project First on most projects, and utilization of developed tools on the updated "Project First on Construction Projects" website.

X-Lite End Anchorage

2017-4. October 2, 2017. This memo provides guidance on existing X·Lite end terminals and those on current active projects, as well as its future on CDOT projects and roadways.

Surface Treatment Program Essential Items

2017-2 January 27, 2017. The purpose of this memorandum is to request ratification of essential items related to the completion of projects funded through the Surface Treatment Program (STP) in order to maintain the condition and drivability of Colorado roadways in the most efficient manner and to achieve the desired roadway surface condition objectives.

Project First and Partnering

2016-03. May 2, 2016. CDOT is engaging with the Colorado Contractor's Association (CCA) and the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) on a new era of partnering, which is themed "Project First." At the agency level, as well as the project level, we are working to improve how partnering can better serve our transportation projects.

Contracting and Financial Accountability

2016-02. April 1, 2016. This memo provides clarification on the financial responsibilities assigned to engineering project management personnel to fulfill contract and project management obligations.

Construction Engineer In Responsible Charge (EIRC)

2015-3. October 20, 2015. Construction Engineer In Responsible Charge (EIRC) information. This memo provides information on issues related to an Engineer In Responsible Charge for CDOT construction projects. It is recommended that all construction project staff and people who make decisions on staffing for construction projects read and understand the EIRC information document.

Conflict of Interest Policy

2015-1. March 25, 2015. This Memo provides a master set of guidelines to incorporate and compliment the conflict of interest (COI) requirements, guidelines, forms, etc. related to CDOT's construction and engineering contracts. This applies to all CDOT employees, consultants, contractors, and everybody else directly or indirectly under contract by CDOT.