County Maps.exe

Please refer to County Maps.dgns website above for your maps. The County Maps.exe file here is too big to download.

County Maps.exe is provided as an optional download.  These map files can assist you in creating project title sheets.  See installation instructions below.

Configuration Downloads

Download the self-extracting zip file below to any location on your computer.   Please review the Instructions below and install accordingly.  If you cannot download the configuration, please call the CDOT Help Desk at 303-757-9317 to request a CD.

Source File

Release Date


County Maps.exe


108 MB


Installation Instructions

1.      Download the latest county maps self-extracting zip to your computer, any location.  
2.      Open the self-extracting zip file on your computer by double clicking on it.  
3.      Click Browse and select the desired location for County Maps.

County Map files may be extracted to any location on your computer.
The default location is, C:\ProgramFiles\Workspace-CDOT\County-Maps
for convenience, or browse to the location of your choice.  

4.      Click Unzip to run the self-extracting zip and insert county map files on your computer.  
5.      Click Close to complete the self-extract.  
6.      Refer to CDOT Title Sheet Vicinity Map.pdf for further county map workflow instructions.  

Find these workflow instructions in.......\Workspace-CDOT\CDOT Notes\ (2004 workspace) or \Workspace-CDOT_XM\CDOT Notes\ (XM workspace).