V8 2004 Configuration

Welcome to the CDOT V8 2004 Configuration page. This page gives you access to the latest available CDOT MicroStation and InRoads configuration files for Bentley’s V8 2004 software.

MicroStation/InRoads V8 - 2004 Edition

The workspace, CDOT - V03.02.03, is the final workspace to be deployed for the MicroStation/InRoads V8 2004 editions.  This workspace will continue to function but no further enhancements will be made to it.  Users are encouraged to make the move to the latest version of the software, MicroStation and InRoads V8 XM Edition, as project schedules allow. 

It is recommended to review the configuration ReadMe file to be aware of the enhancements, fixes and modifications made to the CDOT workspace.

System Requirements

Use this configuration with Microsoft Windows XP SP2, and the following Bentley Systems software:  

  • MicroStation, version
  • InRoads, version
  • InRoads Service Pack 5, version
  • Redline, version
  • Note: Configuration is not certified for any Bentley XM versions, but pre-XM versions later than those shown above might work adequately.

Configuration Downloads

Download the self-extracting zip file below to any location on your computer.   Please review the Instructions below and install accordingly.  If you cannot download the configuration, please call the CDOT Help Desk at 303-757-9317 to request a CD. 

Source Files


    Release Date





     37 MB




     42 MB

Installation Instructions

CDOT MicroStation and InRoads V8 2004 Installation Instructions.pdf - Follow this link for detailed instruction on how to install and configure CDOT’s V8 2004 configuration.

Consultant Server Setup

CDOT Consultant Server Setup.pdf - Follow this link for detailed instruction on how to configure CDOT’s V8 2004 workspace for a server distribution setup.