Errata (Corrections to errors made during the printing process.)

Updated on October 28, 2022.
Pages 105-10, 105-12, 206-1, and 623-5.

Added on April 11, 2022. Page 105-10, the third paragraph from the bottom was added in error, it should be removed. Page 105-12, Table 105-2 was revised in error, it should have the “Hot Mix Asphalt” version, as shown.

Page 105-11

Added October 1, 2021. In Section 105.05, Conformity to the Contract of Hot Mix Asphalt, inadvertently deleted - (c) Gradation Element. Each specified sieve, with the exception of 100 percent passing sieves, will be evaluated for QL separately. The lowest calculated QL for a sieve will be designated as the QL for gradation element for the process. The numbering can resume with (d) Joint Density Element.

Pages 105-29 & 30

Added October 1, 2021. In Section 105.23, Dispute Review Board; mis-numbered 105.23 Section (b) 4. (1), should actually be 105.23 Section (b) 5., with the last sentence as 5. (1) "Prior employment with either party".

Pages 106-3 thru 5

Added October 1, 2021. In Section 106.05, Sampling and Testing of Hot Mix Asphalt, revert back to 2019 version of this subsection, revised in error. Also, note 3 on Table 106-1 should be CP-33, not CP-60B.

Page 401-8

Added October 1, 2021. In Section 401.17, Compaction, In the first paragraph, all of the PG references should have the "-" symbol between the numbers (as discussed at the MAC Meeting) - example PG 58-28, PG 64-22.

Page 601-27

Added on January 20, 2022. Deleted in error, rename f) to e), add back into Section 601 - Subsection 601.16 Paragraph e).

Page 716-2

Added October 1, 2021. Please replace misnumbered page 717-2 in "Section 716 - Waterline Materials" with this corrected page numbered 716-2.

Pages 401-10 and 401-11, Section 401.17 Compaction.

Added on October 28, 2022. 401.17 Compaction should end with the following paragraph. " All additional costs associated with construction of the CTS shall be at the Contractor’s expense. The hot mix asphalt placed in the CTS will be paid for per subsection 401.22, at the contract price for the hot mix asphalt." The last 4 paragraphs should not have been included.