Landslides and slope failures effect roadways throughout Colorado. The Geotechnical Program works to monitor and mitigate trouble areas.


The CDOT Geohazard Program monitors over 100 landslides and slope failures effecting the State highway system. The Program has created a preliminary GIS database of landslide characteristics. The database allows for ranking by priority and easy access to data by search criteria. CDOT personnel can access the database via the interal web on OTIS Map View2. For general requests, please contact the Geotechnical Program and we would be happy to run a report for you.  Also, the Colorado Geological Survey has an on-line landslide inventory program that covers the entire state, not just landslides impacting the highway system.


SH65 Grand Mesa Slide

Landslide on SH-65 at Grand Mesa.

US6 Dowd Junction

Wall failure on US-6 west of Vail.

US6 House Slide

Landslide on US-6.

I-70 at Georgetown

Embankment failure on I-70 at Georgetown.


Mitigation and repair options for the highways have included soil anchors, tie back anchors, light weight fill, and buttresses.

SH-65 Grand Mesa Soil Nail Installation

Soil nail installation on SH-65 on Grand Mesa.

SH-13 Geofoam Installation

Light weight Geofoam installation on SH-13.

US-6 Tie Back Anchor Installation

Tie back anchor installation on I-70/US-6 west of Vail.