2019 M-Standard (Miscellaneous Standard) Plans Information and Instructions

The M-Standard Plans are details used in the design and construction of CDOT projects. They contain standardized details for common items such as guardrails, box culverts, roadway superelevation, lighting, and pavement. The latest published version of the M&S-Standard Plans is dated July 31, 2019. Electronic files for the 2019 M-Standard plans are available in English units only. Please visit the S-Standards page for common items relating to signing and striping.

The Project Details are details developed by the Standards and Specifications Unit for use with individual project plans as selected by the project Designer. Most of the Project Details resulted from requests and experiences of Regional Designers and some may be developed into the M-Standard Plans, in the future. A few of the details should always be used when an item of their nature is included in the plans. These details are marked with an asterisk symbol next to their filename. Please be sure to download the most current version of the Project Details from this site EACH time you use them on your project. Periodic revisions and improvements are made to these drawings without notice. The Project Detail drawings are provided in English units.