I-25 Travel Information Now Available on CDOT Mobile

February 21, 2013 - Statewide Transportation Plan - DENVER – Today, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) launched the I-25 corridor on CDOT Mobile, its free Smartphone mobile application. CDOT Mobile provides travelers with real-time information such as highway conditions and traffic information, allowing users to make better decisions about travel mode and route.

“We first launched CDOT Mobile in September 2012 for the I-70 corridor and have experienced great success with 50,000 users to date,” said Ryan Rice, CDOT Director of Operations.  “By adding a large portion of the I-25 corridor to CDOT Mobile, more Colorado travelers – particularly commuters -- can take advantage of the real-time information. With more informed drivers, we can make our transportation system more productive, safe and efficient.”

Much like the I-70 interface, the I-25 interface will provide motorists with speeds, road conditions, road closures, construction activities and feeds from CDOT’s closed circuit television cameras for the I-25 corridor between Colorado Springs to the south and E-470 to the north (past 120th Avenue).  It also allows travelers to select and save their “favorites” providing them with ready access to travel times for their regular commuting route.  Additionally, information that is currently available at www.cotrip.org such as speeds, cameras and road conditions for the entire state is already accessible in the CDOT Mobile map.

The next phase of the app will focus on other major highways throughout the metro area and the rest of the state as well as continuing to make improvements to the I-70 and I-25 interfaces of CDOT Mobile.

The development of CDOT Mobile is part of a five-year, public-private partnership with the Colorado-based, urHub.  urHub was selected as part of a competitive process conducted by CDOT to expand its critical traveler-related highway data.

To download CDOT Mobile, simply text “CDOT” to 25827, go to www.cotrip.mobi or search CDOT Mobile in your App Store.  To access the I-25 interface just scroll down and on click on the "Check Out I-25" bar.