CDOT Kicks Off Statewide Transit Plan

May 29, 2013 - Statewide Transportation Plan - Study exploring an integrated transit system.

DENVER – The Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Division of Transit and Rail (DTR) is developing its first ever comprehensive Statewide Transit Plan, providing a framework for creating an integrated transit system that meets the mobility needs of Coloradans.

Work on the plan gets underway this week and will be completed within eighteen months.

Along with the Statewide Transit Plan is the development of the Local Transit and Human Service Transportation Coordination Plans (Local Plans) for the state’s rural Transportation Planning Regions (TPR). These Local Plans will be integrated into the CDOT Statewide Transit Plan and the Regional Transportation Plans (underway), along with the developed transit plans of various metropolitan planning organizations, providing a complete picture of existing transit services, future transit needs, and overall transit service gaps statewide.  Funding and financial needs also will be assessed.

Both the Statewide Transit Plan and the Regional Transportation Plans will be integrated into the Statewide Transportation Plan, which is currently being developed.

Approximately three technical working group meetings will be held in each rural TPR during the planning process.  These meetings will be used to coordinate with local and regional transit providers, the TPR and other interested stakeholders.  All meetings are expected to take place in July, September and November of 2013.

CDOT has established a website with more detailed information about the Statewide Transit Plan at: .