SH 82 Grand Avenue Bridge Model on Display

July 10, 2013 - Northwestern Colorado/CDOT Region 3 - Opportunity to see the scale and form of the bridges.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – The Grand Avenue Bridge project team has completed a scaled model of the SH 82 Grand Avenue Bridge Build Alternative. This was on display at the recent Strawberry Days, where almost 900 people saw it and provided comments. It is now on display in the lobby of the Glenwood Springs City Hall, 101 West 8th Street. The model will also be displayed weekly at the Downtown Market in Centennial Park every Tuesday from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.

This model is a 3D representation of the Build Alternative that is being evaluated in the Environmental Assessment (EA). It shows the overall project footprint, form and scale in the context of Glenwood Springs as of June 2013. Major project elements shown on the model are:

  • SH 82 highway bridge from north of the river into downtown
  • 6th and Laurel roundabout
  • Pedestrian and bicycle facilities, including a new trail underpass, new sidewalks and new connections

The model is not yet a representation of the final design—it is a scaled version of the conceptual and preliminary design of the alignment and profile of the bridge and other elements.

Along with the conceptual model, there are renderings and other visuals with design ideas for the new pedestrian bridge and its connection to 7th Street, the area under the bridge at 7th Street, and the revised version of the 6th and Laurel intersection.

Joe Elsen, CDOT’s Region 3 East Program Engineer said, “As the project progresses over the next several months, the project team will be evaluating additional details that will be incorporated into the project. These details are what will evolve the form and scale of the highway and pedestrian bridges so they fit the context of Glenwood Springs.”

The public will see more information on these when the EA is available for public review in early 2014.

Some of the design details are:

  • Architectural treatments for the highway bridge:

–     Colors, textures, materials, monuments (towers, gateway treatments, signage), urban design, railings, lighting, etc.

  • Treatments to create a gateway or entryway to Glenwood Springs from Exit 116
  • Area under the Grand Avenue Bridge between 7th and 8th Streets
  • Other details for all project elements (not a full list):

–     Signs

–     Signals

–     Parking lot layout

–     Traffic calming

–     Urban design elements and landscaping

In addition, the study team is continuing to evaluate construction phasing and improvements to Midland Avenue and Exit 114 to prepare for a construction detour. Right now, the draft Environmental Assessment is being written for agency review. This will lead to a public review period and a Public Hearing planned for January 2014. This input will be used to prepare a Decision Document anticipated for completion by next May. Final design on the project can then be done, followed by construction in early 2015.

Those wanting to receive project updates can sign up via CDOT’s free message system by going to and clicking on green cell phone in the upper right hand side of the page. After signing in, scroll down to “Projects” and choose “SH 82 Aspen to Glenwood.”

The project is funded through the Colorado Bridge Enterprise, a government-owned business entity within CDOT. The Colorado General assembly created the statewide Bridge Enterprise via Senate Bill 09-108, also known as FASTER (Funding Advancements for Surface Treatment and Economic Recovery).The purpose of the Bridge Enterprise is to complete designated bridge projects that involve the financing, repair, reconstruction and replacement of bridges designated as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, and rated “poor” by CDOT.