CDOT Begins Structural Repairs on Surrey Ridge, Ridgegate and Happy Canyon Bridges

August 20, 2013 - Central Eastern Colorado/CDOT Region 1 - Three-Month Project Requires Lane Reductions on I-25 in Douglas County.

DOUGLAS COUNTY – Work is underway on a $1.2 million project to replace the concrete slabs on the I-25 bridges at Surrey Ridge Road and Happy Canyon Creek Road in order to extend the life of the pavement and the bridge. In addition, minor bridge work will take place on I-25 at Ridgegate.

From late August through early November 2013, both north and southbound I-25 from Ridgegate Parkway to Castle Pines Parkway will be reduced to three lanes 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate the bridge repairs and concrete work.  This is a change for an earlier configuration established this week which allowed traffic flow through the construction zone by providing both three and four lanes where possible.

“CDOT appreciates the comments we received from the public regarding the original construction configuration,” said Project Engineer Dole Grebenik.  “Our goal is to minimize the inconvenience of construction to the traveling public and, consequently, we have changed our approach to make it easier to drive through the construction zone.”

During construction, traffic will be realigned to accommodate four phases of work, with three lanes in each direction available at all times. Drivers can also expect reduced travel speeds through the construction zone to 55 mph.

Concrete expansion on the bridges has resulted in bumps along the bridges, impacting the smoothness of the drive.  The concrete slab replacement will eliminate the bumps and improve the smoothness of the roadway.  By spending now for maintenance, higher costs can be avoided in the future both for bridge replacement and wear and tear on vehicles.

ABCO Contracting, Inc. is the contractor for the project, which will be complete in early to mid- November 2013.

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