CDOT Mobile Smartphone Application Launches Real-Time Notifications in Time for Labor Day Weekend

August 28, 2013 - Denver-Metro Area/CDOT Region 1 - Tomorrow CDOT and its partner The Hub Companies, LLC, the organization responsible for the development of the CDOT Mobile Smartphone application, will begin providing real-time push notifications to users of the CDOT Mobile application.

The notifications will appear in the notification bar of those devices and will inform individuals about severe traffic issues that could seriously impact one’s trip during prime travel hours.

“Severe traffic issues are defined as major accidents, road closures and any incidents that could significantly impact your travels,” said Saeed Sobhi, CDOT’s Intelligent Transportation Systems director. “The information we provide will clearly and concisely state the location and nature of the travel issue so that users of CDOT Mobile are clear about the problem and may make a more informed travel decision.”

Real-time push notifications will only be sent to users of CDOT Mobile during peak travel times so as not to overburden them with information during less congested hours. According to Ryan Rice, Director of Transportation Operations, “Our goal with the implementation of real-time push notifications is to share the most relevant and up-to-date information with travelers where and when they need it most.  We all often get too busy to search for current traffic conditions before departing; real-time push notifications will help by sending the most important traffic alerts directly to mobile devices so people can adjust their travel time or route accordingly and avoid long delays.”

The notifications will initially focus on severe traffic alerts for I-70 and I-25; but this is just one of many planned enhancements to CDOT Mobile that aim to provide the most valuable and user-friendly real-time traveler information for mobile device users in Colorado.

To download the free CDOT Mobile Smartphone application simply go to App Store or Google Play stores and search “CDOT Mobile.”