North Gate Boulevard under I-25 Reopening with Roundabouts

October 8, 2013 - Southeastern Colorado/CDOT Region 2 - Redesign eliminates three loop ramps to improve mobility, safety at busy interchange.

Colorado Springs – North Gate Boulevard under Interstate 25 reopens to traffic at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 10.  That segment has been closed to traffic since Sept. 22 so workers could expedite roundabout construction, improvements to North Gate Boulevard, and the removal of three outdated loop ramps.

While roundabout construction is complete, work will continue on the interchange, but will not interfere with traffic. However, drivers are reminded to stay alert and watch for crews working in the area.

“We certainly appreciate the patience and understanding of Air Force Academy staff, local businesses, commuters and residents during construction on North Gate Boulevard,” said Dan Hunt, the Colorado Department of Transportation’s project manager for the I-25 expansion project. “Being able to partially close the North Gate interchange considerably shortened construction time from three to four months to less than three weeks.”

The two roundabouts, one at each point where the I-25 on- and off-ramps intersect North Gate Boulevard, are designed to improve traffic flow and increase safety at the respective intersections. “These are the first roundabouts associated with I-25 in the Pikes Peak region, but roundabouts are found in similar settings, particularly along I-70 in the mountains,” said Hunt. “We understand some drivers may not feel comfortable with roundabouts, but studies prove that they improve traffic flow and reduce traffic backups. This is particularly important during special events at the Air Force Academy when traffic routinely backs up onto I-25 in both directions.”

The following tips are offered for traveling through the roundabouts (see attached PDF):


  • Slow down as you approach the intersection
  • Watch for signs and pavement markings that guide you or prohibit certain movements
  • Enter the roundabout when there is a big enough gap in traffic to your left
  • Drive in a counterclockwise direction
  • Do not stop in the roundabout or pass other vehicles
  • Use your turn signals when you exit the roundabout
  • If you miss your exit, continue around until you return to your exit
  • Since these roundabouts have multiple lanes, choose your entry lane based on your destination:
    • To turn right at the intersection, choose the right-hand lane and exit in the right-hand lane
    • To continue through the intersection, choose either lane, unless otherwise signed, and exit in the lane you entered
    • To turn left, choose the left lane

“The transition to the roundabouts may take time for some drivers, but we’re confident the elimination of the loop ramps and the improvements to North Gate Boulevard will contribute to greater mobility and enhanced safety for drivers on the interstate and on North Gate Boulevard,” Hunt added.

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