Cameras Capture Cannabis Quiz Cab Antics

April 22, 2015 - Statewide Safety - 45 Participants Received $1,000 Total in Ride Credits

STATEWIDE — During the festivities at the Cannabis Cup, the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Cannabis Quiz Cab was on-site, asking attendees marijuana safety related questions for the opportunity to win credit toward future rides to get home safely. The Cannabis Quiz Cab, a partnership between Yellow Cab and CDOT, picked up 45 people and gave away $1,000 in ride credits for Yellow Cab’s new Z-Trip app that lets users request and pay for cab rides.

Footage of the Cannabis Quiz Cab and other tactics from the Drive High, Get a DUI campaign can be downloaded at:

The footage also includes:

  • Surprised passers-by stopping to take pictures and video of the Drive High, Get a DUI sign in the Smoking Car at the Cannabis Cup. Similar footage also included for the Smoking Car at Opening Day at Coors Field. All video footage courtesy of Buck Ross Productions.
  • Unsuspecting marijuana consumers at a local dispensary attempting to play a racing arcade game and seeing a CDOT public service reminder that driving high is illegal. All video footage courtesy of Buck Ross Productions.
  • A time lapse of a wall of educational snacks disappearing to reveal a giant Drive High, Get a DUI billboard at the Cannabis Cup on April 18.
CDOT outreach at the Cannabis Cup included the Smoking Car, End Game Arcade, more than 11,000 bags of educational munchies, and a booth featuring a medley of activities attendees could legally do while high, reminding them that driving isn’t one of them. Overall, CDOT’s unique outreach at the Cannabis Cup over 4/20 weekend included:
  • Cannabis Quiz Cab — In the Cannabis Quiz Cab, participants answered marijuana safety trivia questions while riding for the chance to win up to $100 in credits toward future rides.
  • The Smoking Car — Positioned the car at the front of the Cannabis Cup where attendees lined up. The car fills with smoke, and then quickly dissipates, showing the message “Drive High, Get a DUI” in neon lights.
  • End Game Arcade — Placed the arcade game at the CDOT booth and Tru Cannabis booth. The game appears to be a classic racing game, but when users attempt to play, a CDOT public service announcement reminds them that driving high is illegal. Players are offered alternative games to play.
  • Educational Snacks — Distributed more than 11,000 bags of Cheetos and Goldfish branded with a custom label that included information about Colorado’s marijuana laws.

CDOT implemented the Drive High, Get a DUI campaign in March 2014 to inform drivers about the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana, with the goal of reducing the number of drug-related DUIs, traffic crashes and fatalities. For more information on marijuana impaired driving,