Paving to Begin on US 24, Trout Creek Pass

Progress continues for passing/climbing lane project.

CHAFFEE COUNTY—The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) advises travelers that paving operations will begin next week, Wednesday, Aug. 3, on US Highway 24 Trout Creek Pass, east of Johnson Village—mile points (MP) 217.5 to 218.44.

The contractor, Tezak Heavy Equipment, Inc., expects the paving work to be completed in approximately 10 working days, pending any weather delays.

Travelers will encounter significant delays. Travelers are also advised that other road construction (east of Trout Creek) in Park County—at the junction of US 24 and US 285—will compound the effect of traffic delays. Alternate routes are strongly advised.

Motorists at Trout Creek, both east and westbound, will be routed to one-lane, alternating traffic by flaggers from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. A 40 mph speed reduction and an 11-foot width lane restriction will be enforced through the construction zone.

The US 24 Trout Creek Passing/Climbing Lane Project is a two site job:

  1. Site 1 begins at MP 217.5 and ends at MP 218.44. Work consists of the construction of passing/climbing lanes on the westbound lane, where the current paving work will happen.
  2. Site 2 begins at MP 221.73 and ends at MP 222.64. Work consists of the construction of passing/climbing lanes on the eastbound lane along with culvert work on the north side of the highway. Work continues at Site 2 on the shoulder areas, with speed reductions of 40 MPH through the construction zone.

The completion date for the entire project is anticipated to be in December 2016.