CDOT, CSP & HPTE Collaborate to Increase Safety Along I-25 North Express Lanes

Aug. 29, 2018 - I-25 North Corridor to See Additional Enforcement

DENVER—The Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is increasing safety enforcement along the I-25 corridor, north of US 36. Additional CSP presence between US 36 and 120th Avenue will help to reduce unsafe driving and increase the efficiency of both the Express Lanes and the general-purpose lanes. Common traffic violations include speeding and weaving in and out of the Express Lanes.

"Our No. 1 goal at CDOT is safety and to ensure everyone makes it to their destination," said CDOT Commissioner Karen Stuart. "We want drivers to know that there will be increased enforcement to help remind them to use safe driving practices."

Drivers should only enter and exit the Express Lanes at the dashed lines, and obey posted traffic speeds.

"Crossing the solid line for Express Lanes is dangerous for all travelers. We know it might be tempting when there is congestion, but it's important that everyone obey the traffic rules and speeds so we can avoid accidents," said CSP Capt. Matthew Secor.

"Express Lanes provide a great option for trip reliability and congestion management," said CDOT's David Spector, director of the High-Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE). "The additional enforcement on this stretch of I-25 will help improve this corridor's efficiency, getting people to their destination sooner and spending less time in their car.">

The I-25 North Express Lanes are currently open in each direction from US 36 to 120th Avenue. Additional Express Lanes are being built from 120th Avenue to Northwest Parkway/E-470; from Johnstown to Fort Collins; on C-470; and soon, for the I-25 South Gap project.

About the High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE)
The HPTE operates as a government-owned, independent business within CDOT. It searches out innovative ways to finance projects to help Colorado fulfill its commitment to increase travel choices through options that include Express Lanes, transit, biking, walking and carpooling. For more information, visit

About Express Lanes
Express Lanes increase roadway capacity and help to manage congestion on the highways. The use of toll pricing during peak travel times reduces delays, manages congestion and maintains reliable travel times. Express Lanes are currently open on I-25 between downtown Denver and 120th Avenue, US 36 between Denver and Boulder, and on I-70 between Idaho Springs and Empire. For more information, visit

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