2022 Project Accomplishments Report

News Release

February 14, 2023 - Statewide News - Updated 10-Year Plan and project accomplishments

Denver — CDOT closed out 2022 with significant progress on the department’s 10-Year Plan as well as three back-to-back years of paving the greatest number of rural road miles in years. Meanwhile, the agency completed more than 100 projects — including some of the largest in the construction portfolio.

These are just some of the highlights included in a report CDOT released today spotlighting its 2022 accomplishments and looking ahead to what is expected to be a blockbuster 2023 year.

CDOT completed 107 projects in total in 2023, including paving 538 miles of rural roads. The department completed 23 projects from its 10-Year Plan in 2023 and put out 16 projects from the plan for bid. Going into the fifth year of CDOT’s current 10-Year Plan, 100% of the projects in the first four years of the plan are complete or underway, and over 50% of the full 10-Year Plan is now complete or in progress.

“We are proud to have developed a 10-Year Plan that reflects the needs of Coloradans across the state. Now we are delivering on that vision,” said CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew. “For example, because the 10-Year Plan places unprecedented priority on fixing rural roads, many of which hadn’t been touched in decades, our total CDOT investment in rural roads increased substantially, and for three consecutive years we have delivered over 500 miles of rural road improvements per year, combining capital projects with our base program, including the hard work of our own maintenance division.” 

Transformational projects in 2022 spanned across the state, including completing the expansion of the central portion of I-70 through Denver. CDOT broke ground on the Floyd Hill project after receiving the largest competitive grant in CDOT history of $100 million. In addition, CDOT continued to expand the successful Bustang transit service, increasing frequency for Bustang and Outrider and extending service to northeast Colorado. CDOT also launched the new Pegasus express shuttle service along the I-70 corridor from Denver to Avon and continued to add mobility hubs throughout the state. Finally, CDOT continues to make repairs and safety improvements to the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels.

Across the state, CDOT is putting new legislative funding to good use as it catches up on road and bridge repairs, adds travel options, relieves traffic choke points in metropolitan areas, makes safety improvements systemwide and brings transit to new corners of the state.

CDOT continued to expand its Revitalizing Main Streets program to improve active transportation and quality of place in downtowns across the state. In 2022, the department awarded 60 grants worth about $35 million across Colorado for projects such as sidewalk improvements, street enhancements to allow for outdoor dining, outdoor lighting and safer accessibility for all modes of transportation.

CDOT advertised a record amount of work in 2022 but expects to shatter this record in 2023. With progress well underway and more quickly coming, Coloradans should expect CDOT to continue building the connections we need to keep our state thriving.

Read the 2022 Project Accomplishments Report here