State Infrastructure Bank Loan Program

The State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Loan Program was enacted by the Colorado Legislature in 1998 and adopted by the Colorado Department of Transportation in 1999. This unique funding source is supported by the Colorado Transportation Commission and helps fund transportation facilities with funds available through a low-interest revolving loan program.

Money FadeLoans awarded to Colorado public-use airports from the SIB have been used to support funding for projects such as capital airport improvements, air traffic control towers, snow removal equipment and airport pavement reconstruction. Additionally, these low-interest loans have been utilized for land acquisitions that have protected Colorado airports from incompatible land-use surrounding airports.

Please review the SIB Rules and Regulations for more information on how this program works. If you have any further questions pertaining to the Colorado SIB Program and information about how to apply for an SIB loan, please call the Aeronautics Division offices at 303-512-5250.

Review State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Rules and Regulations

Review State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Procedural Directive (Effective 05/2023)
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